An open letter to everyone who voted Conservative yesterday and why you should hesitate before you pat yourself on the back.

To everyone who voted conservative yesterday,

I hope you’re happy. Actually that’s a lie, I really don’t. But before you sit smugly down and give yourself a big pat on the back I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Do you think you haven’t benefitted from the system you are currently trying to break down? As a child, did you ever go to hospital? Have you had an education? Did you ever use a library? Have you ever been on a bus? If so, you have benefited from a system which subsidises facilities with taxes. And now you have, you are willing to take it away from everyone after you. Correct me if I’m wrong but that doesn’t seem very fair. You cannot have socialism and a support system when you need it but then be unwilling to support it for other people.

Now if you are someone who has used the private sector more than public services then I also want to know a few things. If you went to private school, or used private medical care as a child, did you pay for it yourself? Now I’m not asking if your parents paid for it, but you personally. I’m guessing the answer is no. So can you genuinely say you worked hard to get these privileges? No baby earns the right to an education. No child works hard to be born into a particular family who can afford healthcare. So why do you think one person is more deserving than another? If you value working hard and getting on how can you see this as fair? Do you really want to live in a world where children are deemed more worthy of education and healthcare based on what family they come from?

If you are someone who uses a lot of private, who are you? Are you one of the 1% who are currently getting richer? If so, are you ok with the fact that your benefit is someone else’s misery, someone’s poverty, someone’s lack of care? Are you ok with the fact that while you got a pay rise 900,000 people had to go to food banks because they literally didn’t have enough money to feed themselves to survive? Do you really believe that you work harder than these people?

If you aren’t one of these few people benefitting from this system then why have you voted for it? Conservatives use rhetoric of working hard and fairness but this is simply not the reality. If you start life without a lot, to get out of that is hard. “Success” stories are pinned up to show that if you work hard you get somewhere. But they are stories because they are anomalies. To come from a background of little education or money and to get a career you want is not the common way, and you can’t do it without a benefit system. We do not live in a system where if you work hard you get somewhere, the system the conservatives are creating means that if you start off well off you stay that way. Because someone who goes to a private school with tiny class sizes and one on one help does not have to work as hard as someone at an underachieving state school with over worked underpaid staff and huge classes. They just don’t.

Now if you are either one of these types of people you have to question whether you really do believe in what you have voted for. Because in voting conservative you are saying you are happy with the last 5 years. You are endorsing food banks. You are endorsing cutting care for the elderly and the mentally ill. You are endorsing a party where over half the MPs voted against gay marriage. You are saying yes to the NHS being privatised. You are saying you are happy with people being put off education based not on ability or passion but by money. You are saying yes to victimising the poor and disabled and scapegoating people based on where they come from. You are saying that you are ok with the incredible inequality in our country today and you are saying you want more of it.

I do not wish poverty on anyone. It is a cruel and harsh life. But what I do wish for you is that you at least experience it. If not first hand, that you witness the harsh trapping reality that is poverty. The gruelling cycle that doesn’t allow a parent to feed their children. That doesn’t allow for parents to feed themselves. And that you see that this is people who are working. People with jobs. And if they aren’t I hope you see that a life on benefits is not the picnic people make it out to be. Nobody wants to be on benefits. Maybe if you see this you will see what you have voted for.

And if you are ok with all of this then you make me sick. I can’t put it any other way. I am so ashamed to come from a country where this is apparently what the majority think. That the majority of people are too selfish to accept any form of tax rise to support those in our society who need help makes me so incredibly sad. Truly you should be ashamed of yourself that you can so heartlessly put yourself first and not see the consequences. I hope that in the next 5 years you fully appreciate what you did yesterday. I hope you know what you have supported and I hope one day you feel guilty. Because I am scared of what the next 5 years will bring and you should be too.

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  1. Can I ask the “hard work gets you somewhere” and “my grandfather worked 70 hours plus so I don’t believe in a safety net for spongers” commenters why they think we aren’t all paid the same amount an hour?

    1. People tend to be paid what they are worth Jane. Well, not quite, the min wage ensures some are paid a little more. But why do McDonalds not get paid the same for their meals as Gordon Ramsey, or Lada get paid the same for their cars as BMW? Because they aren’t as valuable.

      A flat wage for all has been tried, in Eastern block communist countries, but what happened was that no-one did very much work at all. After all, what is the point of making any effort, or studying for qualifications, or learning new skills, if you get paid the same regardless? I appreciate you might not have that mentality and might be willing to work very hard for the same very low wage as everyone else, but you’d be in a very small minority. Governments need to be pragmatic and work with the real world, rather than the world they wish existed.

      We can & do spread wealth out to an extent. The Labour Party would have you believe they were the only ones offering redistribution of weath, but in fact it’s already being practices on a huge scale. Labour would have tried to do a bit more, which may or may not have worked – many people believe we are around the point where the size of the pot will shrink if you try and take a bigger share in tax. But as it stands, the top 3000 tax payers fund half the tax bill I believe (this was a quote from Jeremy Paxman to Ed Milliband, it wasn’t disputed). If you tried to spread it out evenly then nearly all the wealth would disappear. You’ve have equality, but everyone, or 99% at least, would be poorer.

      1. I am in my sarcasm their aware that if the minimum wage wasn’t in force I would actually be paid more than £6.50 an hour, but the industry I work within has discovered that they can pay their highly skilled specialist workers minimum wage for our vocational jobs, and we can either lump it or leave.

      2. The “their” is superfluous and due to my phone misbehaving, sorry about that.

      3. Jane, I don’t know what you do, but perhaps yes. Yes, in the sense of the economic value you add may be less than someone else. If you’re going to get hung-up on ideas like “You’re saying I’m worthless” or “What I do has no value” and linking it to emotional ideas of self-worth, acceptance by others etc. then I fear you’re missing something. Or it could be that left-wing problem of being completely materialistic and thinking it’s all about money and stuff.

      4. “After all, what is the point of making any effort, or studying for qualifications, or learning new skills, if you get paid the same regardless? ”

        Well damn, maybe because you get to pursue your passion as a career? It isn’t all about money and wages.

      5. “I don’t know what you do, but perhaps yes. Yes, in the sense of the economic value you add may be less than someone else.”
        You see to a certain extent that’s my point, I know as a person I am valuable to my daughter, to my friends, but economically as a receiver of minimum wage I am assumed to be worth less. I do a job that took me 5 years of university study to do, a job I wanted to do from childhood, and worked hard to make it happen and regardless of who you are, you will use my (or my colleagues) services . I am not a public servant I work for a private firm, and my industry is and always has been in the private sector. Not one person in society could live without my industry, and 99% of you couldn’t do my job. However because I am struggling on the wages I receive, it is assumed that I have less economic value, am somehow mentally retarded, or haven’t tried hard to better myself.

      6. Do you believe you are worth more than a nurse? I assure you, you are not. Or do you believe a person who works with children who have learning difficulties, or with the elderly in a care home are worth less? You understanding of sense of worth is very damaged.

      7. Well said! Socialism or system similar to eastern bloc doesn’t work. I have heard it thousand times from people who were born and raised in Eastern bloc. We should be actually glad that we never experienced it. Your point on “no one would want to work” is true.

      8. Define “valuable”. Is an advertising executive really worth 10x what a cardiac nurse is?

        Value (for any rational meaning of the word) and pay have been decoupled for decades if not centuries, and if anything it’s getting worse.

      9. Oh Barry, How is it, if people who can kick hit or throw a ball or even punch the life out of each other or pretend to be someone they’re not and get it recorded get paid millions of pounds for contributing absolutely nothing to society while e.g. doctors or medical scientists or other research people get, in comparison a pittance, be being paid their worth? What a stupid and worthless remark you’ve made!!!! ,

      10. Well said Barry, Thank you for attempting to educate these people on a very basic level who clearly lack the lowest form of understanding with economy, politics and the way the world works in general. Many won’t pay attention/understand or be prepared to be educated… But you may just gift some of the idealists with a better understanding of life…

    2. Jane you have my dream job, morticians are very under appreciated and I think it’s disgusting. You don’t just deal with the dead, you make the presentable and help the families of the persons who’s passed and that is not always an easy job. Worth more than ever get credit for. And as people’s loved ones wouldn’t be looked after like they are without people like you!

  2. An open letter to all the people writing open letters:

    Dear Labour voter. I know how you feel. In 1997, 2001 & 2005, I felt the same. However, you really need to accept the result, think how you can come back with fresh ideas and implement your dreams. The people you are now attacking once voted for you, and you are not going to win them back by behaving like a sore looser and criticising their informed choice at the ballot box.

    Also, this socialism thing, seriously? No theory of government got a longer experiment in post-war Britain than Socialism, with disastrous results for the poorest in our nation. Yes I want to ride a bus, use a good hospital, get welfare when I need it, know that I will have a decent state pension and a good education system for my kids. But for all of those things I want a government who acknowledges it can only provide them through the benevolence of a strong economy that raises enough tax to pay for it without crippling debt, not just now but for for the next generation too.

    I don’t know exactly why Labour lost, but for me failure to be on the side of wealth creators who provide jobs, taxes and security is one big one. Only 1 Labour leader in nearly 40 years has ever won a general election – one Tony Blair who is also the only one who acknowledged this truth spoken by Abraham Lincoln: “You can not help the poor by attacking the rich, you can not help the wage earner by attacking the wage payer…”

    Be careful who you attack in the aftermath of defeat for you will probably need them to win next time.

    Don’t forgot a vast majority of politicians want the same things, they just disagree on how to get it. Labour need to get on with the business of opposing, as every government of any colour should be held to scrutiny.

    Best wishes,

    A nice Tory.

    1. 1) Sorry to burst your Tory bubble but the “wealth creators”, businesses both large and small and their private owners are not “job creators”, they’re opportunity exploiters. Jobs are created by a feedback loop between customers and business. So a middle class wage earner is far more responsible for new jobs than any other group.

      2) The largest of these “wealth creators”, transnational corporations, avoid their tax responsibilities by using tax havens and loopholes that their political lobbyists wrote into the tax code. The Tories will not lift a finger to change this, nor Labour. You are paying for this through regressive taxes like VAT.

      3) Security? For whom? Certainly not for workers who have lost their jobs to more desperate people in the developing world. Certainly not for middle class investors whose limited investment funds are gouged by fees and gambled with by the financial services industry. I’m assuming you must mean security for our wealthy elites? Well, they need it don’t they? You can’t monopolize profit without building a mighty big wall.

      4) Soaking of which, seven years ago the financial services industry held a gun to the government’s head and said “cover our gambling debts and we won’t tank the economy. Oh, and we’re not going to stop gambling either.” Sadly, Labour listened to the wrong people and gave them over £350 billion pounds, but had the conservatives been in power they’d have done the same. Only 8 pence out of every pound handed over has made it’s way into the real economy. The recovery has been miniscule. Meanwhile the ordinary, average tax payer is getting far less for his tax dollars than pre-GFC. Austerity is the conservative solution to financial industry excess. Ummm…

      It was the greatest transference of wealth from public to private hands in the history of mankind and you continue to pay into that every time you pay tax. If they’d used a tenth of that money by giving it to households to pay down their debt the recovery would have been swift and powerful. Instead it was used to prop up financial institutions that had grown too big to fail on the strength of phony assets.

      Socialism for the rich, brutal capitalism for everyone else. That is why Labour lost government. Because when the crunch came they opted for quantitative easing for the rich instead of stimulating the real economy They became no better or different than the Tories.

      1. I admire your beliefs and respect where they come from. But capitalism has, over the past century tended more carefully to the needs of the poor than you give credit. The gap between rich and poor is an unreliable gauge of wellbeing as there is no way you can illustrate a functional model of how people doing well makes others poorer. A better (not perfect) guide is that everyone’s wealth has improved, poverty and hunger have been reduced and many serious diseases are now cured or under control. Whereas African nations once trapped in poverty (usually under socialist dictators) where once trapped in a cycle of poverty – capitalism and their own enterprise has helped bring long needed prosperity. No system of government will provide painless existence on a global economy but capitalism has a better record and a more realistic outlook than socialism.

        I’ve not hear the argument that middle managers are wealth creators before, but I’d like to hear more. For me it’s not the middle managers who create jobs (regardless of their relationship with the customer) – but investors who provide for a risk (albeit at a potential return) large sums of money to build factories, expand organisations, market services, provide budgets for recruitment drives etc. I don’t see how they are not wealth creators and need protecting, encouraging and incentivising via the tax system.

        Anyway that’s not the real reason why you’re wrong in my opinion. The real problem with socialism is a deep paradox that lies at its heart. That is that socialism says it supports the poor. Fine. But your brand of socialist class warfare criticises the better off even if they where once poor. So if you’re poor you can enjoy the protection of socialism if as long as you don’t get rich. You can benefit from socialism if you remain a worker but not if you do well and become a boss. So socialism severely discourages endeavour and actually keeps the poor poor. In my view modern socialism like that presented by Ed Miliband and Labour in this election is a product of the well meaning middle class who’s righteous conscience blinds their reality. Socialism is an evil creed in my view whereas capitalism sets a bar for humanity to pull itself up and be rewarded for it. The market does not discriminate and sometimes it need government to steward elements of it, but, the British People sense when that’s going to far as they have done with Labour this time. British people are not selfish, they understand the lessons from the past with socialism and its legacy of destruction and hurting the poor. They know when the lifeline of prosperity is in jeopardy and will not stand for well meaning but miss-guided socialism in this land.

      2. Well said (despite the typos 🙂

        This is being played out in the USA as we speak. It’s interesting to foreign observers like us because it’s the nearest thing we can get to A/B testing of political decisions.

        The states which have *increased* the minimum wage have seen economic growth, and a reduction in the disparity between richest and poorest.

        The states which have opted for tax cuts for the rich have seen inequality increase and growth falter or decline.

        Henry Ford knew this 100 years ago – not in any sense a nice man, Ford was a pragmatist – he paid his workers well, because he wanted a workforce who could afford to buy his products.

        If people at the bottom of the system have any “spare” money, it will be spent – it will go into the economy and circulate and do economic “work”. If you give more money to the people at the top, it will go into reserves (often offshore) and become inactive. Money given to those at the bottom will end up with the rich eventually anyway- but they will have to provide some goods or services for it, enriching several layers of society. “Trickle-down” is a myth – “voodoo economics”. Trickle-up is what produces economic activity.

      1. Blimey, he didn’t I’ve lived my whole life quoting that as from Lincoln and it’s actually William John Henry Boetcker (1873-1962). Thanks – every day’s a school day

    2. I hate to admit it. But Tony is correct. Labour fought an ineffective, idealistic campaign. I urge you to read that ridiculous carved stone charter again and, hand on heart, could they have been more vague?

      Labour failed during multiple TV debates to point out the fact that the previous labour government managed the economy much better than the coalition. They missed opportunity after opportunity to banish the lie about “the mess that we inherited from Labour”. Instead Ed milliband chose to distance himself from the achievements of Tony Blair’s years in power and failed to show the Tories up for failing to redress the deficit and borrow more than all the post war Labour governments put together.

      Ed failed to appeal to small and medium businesses owners who were hung out to dry by the banks and left out in the cold with no money to invest from the last round of quantitative easing.

      Labour failed to seize the opportunity of working in partnership with the Scottish vote. I am convinced that the SNP won more seats than they would have after milliband flatly refused on live TV to work with Nivola Sturgeon. Now, instead of governing with their help, Labour is resigned to standing shoulder to shoulder with the SNP to try and block damaging new Tory legislation.

      In short Labour failed.

      I am just as gutted as you that we will probably be whitnesing the beggining of the end of the NHS. And appalled at how the poorest in our society are being targeted to balance the books for George Osbourne’s stubborn and ineffective austerity plans.

      Spain and France have both made 25% better recovery than the UK after the ’08 crash and they have achieved that through inward investment. The banks were given £35bn in QE and nearly all was invested abroad. Britain’s GDP is now even more reliant upon the volatile financial institutions. The next time (and there WILL be a next time) the stock markets crash, it could be the complete demise of our our economy.

      The job for Labour now is to work hard to regain the nations confidence. Be bold in pointing out where the Tories fail, be bold in pointing out the previous labour governments achievements and be bold in reinforcing the need for the welfare state and support for workers AND employers alike.

      Onwards and upwards.

    3. Very well written and true.

      What a lot of these people forget is, we all want the same thing.
      Free education, health care…. these are all things that will benefit everyone.
      Why it is that the people making comments like “we don’t care” or “only care for our selves”, they don’t seem to realise that we have the same goals, but the method of achieving them are different.
      Instead they attack anyone who does not feel the same as them and some how try to shame them by making the above comments.

      Yeah, it would be nice to get more nurses and to pay them more… they are worth it!
      But where are you going to get the money from?
      If you borrow it, it just means that you have to pay it back with interest. So you end up losing money…so in the long run… less nurses.

      Of course it’s much easier to push these things off so the dept is something the next generation will have to pay… What was that I read about providing for our kids in this open letter.
      I thought the idea was to give our kids every opportunity to be the best they can be… not give them enough education just so they can pay off our dept!

    4. Please do not forget as a Tory voter to close the door behind us all as they sell of the country to overseas millionaires, leave your children nothing and you on the streets when some millionaire decides you no longer deserve or need your home in his eyes.

  3. What a sad and disillusioned soul. I’m proud of what we, the conservatives, achieved over the last 5 years and excited at the prospect of another 5 years of tory government. As with the last 5 years there will be more people employed rather than less generating more tax revenue rather than less and there will be fewer civil servants rather than more … the opposite would be true with a socialist government.

    There will be a continued review of what the NHS provides and how it is provided. The system is broke and needs fixing and it doesn’t matter who is in power but this issue would have to be addressed who ever was in government.

    The great hope of the socialist education system, the comprehensive, has comprehensively failed. The levelling down of standards, the “achievement” of the comprehensive system, has left us trailing in the wake of our competitors as a nation. The conservatives are attempting to address the issue. No one knows what the socialist policy in education is. More of the mediocre same perhaps.

    You muppets on the left of politics don’t seem to realise that the country NEEDS its wealth generators … without them there is no cash to pay for health and education. You don’t seem to realise the mass of folk understand the need for taxes and are happy to pay … up to a point. Cross the threshold of what average man thinks is fair and reasonable and average man will look for loop holes in the system, finding ways to avoid paying what he considers to be unreasonable. That is why Tony Blair succeeded and Gordon Brown failed. With Ed Milliband taking his politics and the labour party further to the left the election results of last week really were no surprise.

    And if in doubt about the above look back at the fiasco of the Wilson government of the 60s and 70s. Rates of taxation were raised in an attempt at swelling revenue for the exchequer. Unearned income was taxed at 97.5%! The tax was seen by those being taxed as being unreasonable. They liquidised assets and left the country in droves. Tax revenue FELL!!

    So you can be as grumpy and complaining as you like about last week’s results and your thought for the future of the country, thats your choice.

    Me? I’m content that the right result was achieved and I’m looking forward to an exciting future for the UK.

    1. Sort of – but many of the ’employed’ are on zero hours contracts and/or minimum wages not paying income tax but being topped up by tax credits – a drain on government income. Meanwhile ,any of the companies employing these people are busy avoiding tax – yet another drain on government income and yet the tax payer is subsidising them – a double whammy so to speak..

      1. According to recent figures 2.3% of employed people are on zero-hour contracts and 1.9% in 2013.
        ZHC have been around for years. Its only in this election has there been a political focus on how “bad” they are – for some ZHC actually suit their daily lives.

      2. I believe 47% on zero-hours contracts are happy with it and 27% are unhappy. That is not a reason to get rid of them… The worst bit about zero-hours contracts is exclusivity clauses which the Tories are getting rid of anyway.

      3. I have a friend who took some years away from the workplace to raise her child. She initially got a rubbish job with a zero hours contract – but it gave her some experience and all the while she looked for another job. The flexibility of the zero hours meant that when she found one she could literally walk out of the first job and into a second. This new one is also zero hours but she is getting some valuable training – transferable skills – for free. She loves it. Her son is disabled and she needs to be available for him for hospital visits and whenever he cannot attend school. It’s working very well for her. Zero hours isn’t all bad!

    2. “As with the last 5 years there will be more people employed rather than less generating more tax revenue rather than less.”

      Those claimed 2 million new jobs actually create remarkably little tax revenue- most of them are zero-hours minimum-wage jobs. For a substantial number of those workers, no income tax at all is paid. And the proposed hike in the tax bands will take even more people out of the system altogether.

      But it doesn’t help the poorest – for someone not making £10K, a rise to £12K in the zero band does *absolutely nothing*. It’s a cunningly-disguised bribe to the middle-income voter: someone on £50K will have an additional £2K of tax-free earnings *and* will drop out of the 40% band after the proposed band adjustments. It’s also worth much more to someone on twice the average wage than it is to someone on the average wage.

  4. More of the NHS was privatised under Blair and Brown than under the coalition. Labour runs the NHS in Wales but the Welsh are going to England for treatment. Labour always wreck the economy when in power and leave it for the Tories to make tough decisions to clear it up. A wrecked economy leaves no money to pay for services.

    1. That’s not true and I suspect you know it.Tory economics always pay for tax cuts at the expense of public services, it’s what they do. Eighteen years of Tory rule left the Public Services in a shocking state and it was left to Labour to fix them.
      People turn to Labour to protect their services, that’s what happens.

    2. actually the opposite is true, the English people who live on near the border go to Wales for treatment – fact

      1. People who think they can be incisive by writing ‘FACT’ in capital letters at the end of statements always make me want to disprove them. From 2014:
        “Some 31,626 people registered with the Welsh NHS received treatment in England last year, but just 8,037 English patients went the other way to be seen by medical staff in Wales.
        Welsh patients were admitted to hospital in England 53,457 times in 2013-14, official figures from the Welsh Assembly show.
        By contrast, English patients had only 10,940 stays in Welsh hospitals over the same period. The discrepancy is only partly down to the fact that some big city hospitals in England are larger and have more specialist facilities than those in Wales.”

  5. Murdoch and the other biased Tory papers won the election for the Conservatives.

    The Rich look after the Rich

    It would be interesting to know what these papers think about Europe so we can know in advance if we are going to stay or leave Europe

    The referendum will be influenced by their biased opinion Camerons got a big fight on his hands because some will want to leave and others will want to stay It will be interesting to see what side Cameron decides to vote for

    1. Rupert Murdoch won the 2015 general election on behalf of Rupert Murdoch. Any semblance of democracy in the UK is a fading memory; where was the Channel 4 documentary about the struggle of working families?

  6. Thanks to the tory voters for explaining their reasoning, as I was completely at a loss to work out why someone would vote for them. So, it turns out that they still believe in the trickle down theory, still think Labour are socialist, really don’t care about the underclass and still think, despite all evidence to the contrary, that austerity is working. And you call the left naive?

  7. First things first, I’ll nail my colours to the mast. I voted Lib Dem and saw the party almost wiped out, despite it having done more to rein in the proposed excesses of the Tory side of the coalition than the (almost totally ineffectual) Labour opposition. However, Nick Clegg broke the trust of his erstwhile supporters and had only himself to blame for this crushing defeat. That is the reality of politics and I’m not going to go on a rant over the fall of a decent and public-spirited party.

    Grow up, stop whingeing and get on with trying to bring the Left into the 21st century. Labour lost because the electorate realised what a potentially reactionary government was staring them in the face. One which would tax and spend the UK back into the precarious position it was left in at the time of the 2010 election. OK, I agree that such things as zero hours contracts are evils that need addressing, but the last government created significantly more jobs without loading ever more debt on our long-suffering populace. Wealth creation is the only sane way to fund our ailing services. You don’t achieve that by driving investment and employers into the arms of our competitors overseas. I don’t give a toss whether a wealthy individual gets tax breaks as long as, by so doing, he/she is creating the conditions whereby people who want and need to work are given the opportunity to find it. It’s time to consign the politics of envy to Labour’s own Room 101 and to find a way of making sense to those voters who want to support a moderate and credible left-of-centre alternative to the present government.

    It takes very little to lose one’s credibility, but getting it back can be the work of many long years. That is what is facing the next Labour (and even more so, Liberal) leadership. For my part, I’d prefer to see a vibrant, yet balanced political picture in the UK, however long that institution may last, and I genuinely wish them luck.

    1. Are you familiar with the amount of money Osborne borrowed each month to cover his shortfall in tax and NI contrib’s shortfall? You speak about ‘wealth creation’ without acknowledging that only people in well paid jobs can pay tax and NI contrib’s.If the receipts are going down then there are no jobs or they are low-paid. The Coalition had no plan to deal with low-paid jobs which were costing taxpayers money in tax credits.A low paid job is a govt subsidy to a poor employer thru tax credits.

      You need to take your blinkers off and do some thinking. The problem is still here and will only get worse.

    2. Your so right no one had any confidence with ed .He wasnt a leader but a loser.And as for running the country that guy couldnt run a cake shop.And most voters who would have traditionally voted labour were put off by him getting into bed with the snp

      1. Imagine the people of Scotland having a say in the running of the UK. How could the people of England cope! And you honestly wonder why there’s a drive for independence?

    3. but the last government created significantly more jobs without loading ever more debt on our long-suffering populace.

      The coalition borrowed more than all Labour governments since the war combined.

  8. Absolutely right…. Our Nhs, schools, police system, etc are all beyond breaking point. So we should be supporting the poorer and disadvantaged. But why stop in Britain I mean since you’ve said how heartless and selfish we all are. Why not spread benefits across Europe or Asian or Africa? You must be pretty heartless to not be offering our money to other people across the world right ?? Think of all those other children that could use a hospital or a better school that don’t live here, that havent worked hard or tried to better themselves for their families. Which party was it that opened the gates for all European citizens to sign up to ‘our’ welfare system again? I’m pretty sure the people that voted for this tory government once voted for a labour government. They clearly didn’t like what happened that time around so who are you to tell anyone how they should feel after making a choice based on their own life experiences?

  9. I didn’t vote Tory for many reasons; however I’m not convinced that those who did were actually voting FOR increased use of food banks, FOR increase in child poverty, FOR poverty wages etc. I doubt they support massive tax avoidance by corporations either. For whatever reason Labour’s message and policies did not resonate with many voters and implying that Tory voters are somehow stupid or selfish is not the way forward. Yes, some will have voted Tory purely out of self-interest and some will benefit greatly from their fiscal policies and seeming disregard for massive tax evasion but most will not. Indeed given the scale of the proposed £12 billion cuts and further austerity measures it is difficult to see how many low and middle income families will not be affected in some way over the next 5 years. Perhaps in 2020 many erstwhile Tory voters will change their minds.

  10. Interesting letter,however not that many people voted conservative in relation to other parties votes.i never really understood proportional representative for voting until this election! but its so obvious now and i believe when they change the boundries again the system will be even less fair,we as a people won’t get the present government out! Its making a mockery of democracy. Hence the demo’s in downing st, of which iv heard very little. . . . . . why? i really dont agree with their actionsbut i do think their concerns are valid!

    1. Hi Caroline. Just wanted to point out that the electoral constituency area changes were recommended by the Boundaries Commission to address inconsistencies and to make the existing unfairly “loaded” constituencies fairer and more closely representative of the majority of cases. The fact that this will benefit the Tories is incidental. It is simply a case of levelling the playing field, which should be welcomed on principle.
      However, I do agree that proportional representation would be a better system. Not only would it have meant UKIP having 12% of the parliamentary seats, but it would have put the SNP’s gains in their proper perspective (5% = 32 seats, rather than the 56 the SNP now has). Moreover, it would have provided the non-SNP voter in Scotland with a modicum of representation south of the border.

  11. James H. Again some people simply have short memories when it comes to Labour.
    Should we have a laugh and asked all these true Labour devotees what Labour stand for as a party?
    Should we remind them why the treasury is empty? should we remind them why Fathers and Mothers, sisters and brothers died in a Labour backed war?
    Should we remind them that the HRA brought in by labour has been the pillar to so many illegal immigrants often fanatical Anti Christian being allowed to stay and costing 8 trials by the judicial system and over 8b in tax payers money. Should we remind them that no one had an issue with FPTP when labour suceeded.
    Again pet hate but “free speech” you do not have that right nor did you. So stop saying you do. You have the right to express your self within the constraits of the law. Not the same or even similar as free speech.

    I am tired and tired of seeing this country get trashed. I serve my country and been to War for this country by policies that were put in place by your so called “great party”.

    If i had been unemployed with 5 kids and having my house paid by the state, then i too would be supporting Labour. But in fact the hard working folk from modest backgrounds have had enough, the wealthy self made have had enough, and for a strong economy you need workers with a bit of grit and backbone to build the foundations of a solid economy.

    I watched the “not so peaceful” protest on youtube and quite frankly i seen youths speaking trash, hooligans and gangs insulting and abusing police officers, and heard a womans war monument get defaced. All for what?

    Im glad the country is on track for a better more deserving economy. Labours hands far away from any capital change.

  12. Just on food banks – we keep hearing that stat of “a million people relying on food banks”. That’s not true at all. The figure of a million (approx) is the total number of visits to food banks in the last year. Typically a visitor is given three days worth of food, and makes 2 visits a year. So roughly 0.5m people have used them, but for less than 2% of the year.

    I’m not saying this is OK, and it’s certainly on the increase. But I don’t think it helps address a problem to wildly exaggerate it for political purposes. People who need food banks probably have enough problems, without being used as political pawns.

    Figures from here btw

  13. The problem was not about voting Conservative but Labour? Could not face the Milliband it would be suicide to do so . Going from one end of the spectrum to the other. Even Blair predicted they would lose . Read the article 3rd January in the economist. I am not patting myself on the back I am feeling very depressed that nobody gave me a palatable alternative.

  14. You are so ashamed to live in this country? Then please do move away.

    You do not create wealth by dividing it and victimising those who are paying the lions share of the bill. Shouting loudly about the supposedly inequalities in our society does not change the fact that the majority of people in the UK didn’t listen to you when they entered the voting booth.

  15. “I made an informed decision to vote Tory” followed by “we need a strong economy to improve the lives of people in this country”. I think your information came out of David Cameron’s mouth, not from cold, hard facts.

      1. You’re right. We need a weak economy and more free stuff for everyone.

  16. This is the biggest load of sore loser shit that I have seen to date on the interweb, please enjoy my congrats at managing to be the most naive and idealistic blogger/writer that I have managed to find spouting angry anti-Tory unfounded bs yet!

  17. I am sick to death of “open letters” to Tory voters and a whole host of trash on social media. I resent being called stupid or selfish for voting Conservative. I have never voted Tory before but there simply wasn’t a credible alternative this time around. Yes there are aspects of Tory policy I disagree with but this election seemed to be about choosing the least worst of a bad bunch. I voted Lib Dem last time around and Labour before that. Nick Clegg broke a key electoral promise which has finished his party while Labour simply didn’t have a clear message. Far too left wing, reactionary and without a leader that was PM material. Two wars that have cost the country billions and devastated families, our Gold reserve sold off on the cheap, open immigration finished off with Andy Burnham’s crass joke note left in the Treasury in 2010 about there “being no money” all destroyed my faith in Labour. The resulting austerity that resulted from Labours massive spending, freedom for the banks etc is certainly no joke for the rest of the country. Their lasting legacy however, put down in part by their ineptitude in Government will be their failure in Scotland which will ultimately end in the dissolution of the Union. For the record, I am from the Welsh valleys and a working class background. No I didn’t have private education or healthcare and yes, I have been able to work hard and earn a wage that allows for a comfortable lifestyle. Don’t insult the people of this country by suggesting we are not capable of bettering ourselves without privilege. By the way, Labour run the NHS in Wales. It is a complete mess and has had its budget cut. Local government has also suffered huge cuts. You can blame this on the Barnet formula and a reduction in the Welsh budget but if my countrymen think Labour in Westminster would be any better, let’s look closer to home first. If this post was not about Labour being an alternative then please tell us who is. So please, stop with the open letters and posts deriding Tory voters as all being selfish hooray Henrys from the City or otherwise just stupid – people should be free to vote as they see fit without having to endure all this diatribe.

    1. Hi Sergetov. I agree wholeheartedly with your post, but just wanted to point out that Andy Burnham wasn’t the guy who wrote the “no money left” note. It was Liam Byrne, who was chief secretary to the Treasury at the time.

  18. All I see after the original letter writer are people who have been hoodwinked by the media hype and deviousness and deception of the tory party. All these ‘nice tory’s’ fail to mention how their chancellor managed to rack up three times the debt that Labour managed, won’t tell you about the manipulation of the job figures by sanctioning those on benefits so they don’t appear in the list, or those on sickness benefits are ‘not unemployed’ so not on the unemployment register………jobs that have been created are either part time low paid, zero hour contract full time, or if they are full time, the majority were for short term contracts of 2 years or less.

    Labour didn’t cause the banking crisis in 2008, it was a Wall St housing bubble and if the ‘nice tory’s’ had been in government, it probably would have been a lot worse because it was their own Maggie Thatcher, the famous milk snatcher who first deregulated the banks in the ‘big boom’ and allowed the kind of financial trading that enabled the banks to run out of control back in the mid 80’s. Labour, while their hands weren’t exactly clean, was left with a choice to regulate the banks more tightly, or let them regulate themselves. The ‘nice tory’s’ criticised the Labour party for attempting to bring regulation into the banking industry, so used a ‘light touch’ approach, and of course then got castigated for that when the crash occurred. The ‘nice tory’s’ wanted the banks to crash, they wanted the ATM’s to run out of money, it was Labour that saved YOUR money from being lost.

    Added to all this, the not so nice tory’s racked up the debt even high with quantitive easing, creating money at the touch of a button and, allowing the banks to keep the money instead of lending it. Just a big scam for the rich boys club.

    You’ve all been had, and I forecast because you have all been stupid enough to believe the right wing media’s hype and through tactical voting, the poor will suffer to the point of starvation, and desperation, while the rich will get richer and we will see separatist and nationalist actions in Scotland and in Northern Ireland. I don’t think either that the economy will survive either, the debt that we have is now far too much and there will be the collapse of the pound before too long.

    Before this 5 year period is through if these ‘nice tory’s’ carry through their promise to cut the welfare bill, we will see civil unrest because eventually, people will fight back. The future is bleak, because of whats happened, society in the UK is fractured, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet 😦

    1. I wish I could see the world in black and white like you.
      It’s nice to know good and evil have such clear lines.

      Fact is both sides do things we don’t agree with. While I did vote Tory, does not mean a agree with supporting the banks.
      But you do have to question what labour would have done. I suspect they would have done the same thing to stop the banks collapsing. How much money would have been lost if that happened.
      We talking about a recession here. Lots of money and lots of different systems. No easy choices.

      You can say that torys made the wrong decisions during this period. But you also have to say that 4 – 5 years on, UK is on top for their performance in Europe. If different decisions were made, would we be in the same boat…. or would we be nearer where Greece is now.

  19. Doomed…Doomed we are all doomed!! For god sake people, get a grip. All you Labour voters out there, go and spend some time in other Countries, parts of Europe actually. You will see, actually it aint bad here afterall! We have low unemployment, more people have jobs, with rights, with several weeks holiday a year. We have a health service ( a good one, where relatives dont have to spend the night with a sick son, or daughter, because guess what, we have nurses for that! some parts of Europe dont…and yes i have experience of it.
    The country voted, despite interference from the media (Claire, really, blaming the media??) Labour lost, live with it.
    If it really is that bad, please go, ESPECIALLY YOU CLAIRE,.gives us all a break, PLEASE!

  20. Here is my view on that.

    I was born into an average home I would say, my parents aren’t rich nor they are poor, they can afford a holiday once a year and live in a comfortable home. They work 40+ hours a week each and earn around £35,000 a year combined, to some that’s a lot and to some that’s nothing to their wage.

    I went to school, college and further education (not university because I don’t believe in the fees you pay for or I wasn’t clever enough, or just not meant to go, despite this I didn’t go). I ended up working job after job: paperboy, cashier, cleaner, cashier, mortgage advisor, sales advisor, sales supervisor, social alarm operator, scheme manager (looking after elderly people) and finally back in sales, maybe it’s because I like speaking to different people (I don’t particularly like sales myself).

    Throughout my employment and education not once did anyone speak to me about politics. Nothing about who ‘X’ is and what they do, who ‘Y’ is and what they do, it just wasn’t mentioned and I just got on with it, knuckled down, made sure I survived in my own way making enough money to source my shelter, food, leisure and I haven’t had a holiday over 6 years because I can’t afford it, I’m on about £10,500 a year average and that isn’t enough in my opinion to even get a nice house on my own nor does the work I’ve put into my lifetime (now 31) compare to how much money I should get from my work.

    The life we all live today reflects on what the people upstairs have set for us. In my opinion it always leads to one guy who controls the channel and we are slaves living in a society that’s made to look like we’re free.

    Those who are unfortunate enough not to be able to work or rely on money as an asset to rise to a situation where they are self sufficient would not be happening if money existed. This is the only tool that’s stopping people from making their lives better. If we lived in a world where we were all given shelter and food from the start as free (basics) including medical etc then we would live in a world where if you chose to work extra to get a macbook pro, a holiday, an iPhone etc then that would be acceptable.

    What’s not acceptable is when a person is born into the world and is physically unable to earn money in some way or another and therefore relies on the good deeds on others (charity / volunteers) or a benefit system to put something in place for them. Now, I think we live in a somewhat fair world at the moment with these things in place, the only time I see a situation where I think, how can I help to improve that persons life is homelessness, and there is a shortage of homes or that person on the street has had bad times and unable to move on, but yet again, there are lots of good people out there such as myself who don’t like seeing people suffer, can’t do anything about the people upstairs who have power over this and DON’T YOU DARE POINT YOUR FINGER AND LECTURE PEOPLE ABOUT WHO THEY VOTED FOR and I wouldn’t vote for any person in power because I believe in none of them, it’s like a big playground and they’re all fighting over toys and these toys are people’s happiness and it’s bullies bullying bullies. How can I follow this as leading by example, more like leading by bollocks.

    I was watching the political debates and I was thinking, you want to see real poverty? Get your arse over to Africa and watch a desperate lady walk 3 miles with a bucket of water on her head to give her son a drink dying in her arms! We’ve got the power over here to wipe out the corrupt mob who are controlling this horrible 3rd world world poverty and my question is why aren’t we looking further a field in helping the world and not just the UK like we’re not happy or content with the lives we’ve already got.

    Don’t reply to this, I don’t want to hear my response picked at or broken down into pieces or quoted back to me because quite frankly, I don’t give a shit.

    You’ve put my back right up from pointing your finger at people when you don’t even know anything them or their upbringing, you’re acting in the way just as they are with a blind judgmental attitude.

  21. Reblogged this on C.M. Benson and commented:
    I haven’t posted in a while, partly due to focusing on things other than writing, especially around the UK election. However, I came across this article and believe it’s worth a read.

  22. Yes we do need wealth creators but ones who appreciate the hard work an employee puts in to create their profits, I have always been against tax credits paid to families on low wages, the average tax payer contributes to this when their taxes comes out of their salary, I believe an employer should pay a decent living wage, so we as Tax payers do not have to subsidise low paying employers.

  23. Listen everyone, it really doesn’t matter who you voted for, nor does it matter who won. It doesn’t even matter how many people the winning party actually represent. What really matters is that we live in a world run by tycoons who pay people to protect their interests. The only sure way of having a really good life under these people, is to be indispensable to them. That is why we have politicians, so that they can keep us in our places and them in theirs. Good luck to all you who pontificate about changing things. Grab what you can and get on with life.

  24. You know what! Shut up with the moaning that it’s the wrong choice. Conservatives won the majority. If labour had won there’d be no talk about election reform. Stop moaning, suck it up and see how it goes. I’m sick and tired of its the wrong choice argument. It’s done. Shut up about it.

  25. First issue is over 40% of the country didn’t vote so if your one of them complaining about the Tories getting in you have no right to complain you should have voted.
    I’m Fed up of them all, labour and conservative, until we live in a society where people take responsibility for there own actions if you can’t afford to feed 4 kids don’t have 4 kids, if you smoke and drink why should you be entitled to food banks, I’m a working class bloke never claimed benefits I just want to work till I’m 65 and retire with a pension, but my pension age has gone up to 67 and will probably be 70 something when I get to that point. every government since McMillan has sold this country down the river, they all line there own pockets and lie through there teeth, money is the route of all evil, the more you have the more you want. As a government we need to get back to basics, you can only spend what you get in tax’s, if you spend more than you earn you end up bankrupt it’s life live with in your means, HSBC bank don’t want to pay the costs/tax to operate in this country and want yo move its HQ abroad, that’s fine take you business else where but don’t expect to profit from the country, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! We need to get back to having a manufacturing base in this country so we are exporting more than we import that’s how the country makes money, not investment banking, if you want to sell a product in the UK you make it in the UK.

  26. “Zero hour contracts”, “minimum wage”, “tax loopholes” everyone decries whilst wearing jeans bought using a credit card from a tax avoiding bank from some mass retailer paying its staff minimum wage who are all on zero hour contracts.

  27. I think it’s amazing how many Labour voters have become so “Holier than thou”, elitist even and judgemental in the aftermath of this result. Voting is a private and personal choice and I bear no ill will to anyone who didn’t share my choice.
    I used to abstain or spoil my vote but this time around chose Conservative but that’s nobody’s business but mine. I don’t feel
    Ashamed at all; in fact after all this berating from Labour voters I actually feel very glad I chose who I did. What gives anyone the right to judge me?
    I have worked since the age of 14 in the catering trade, have never claimed benefits and now run a small business and still do 60 plus hours a week. I work part time in a restaurant (@£8.75 an hour as a cook) to bolster my earnings and an now in my 40’s. I’m still in debt but gradually making headway. The deciding points for me came with Labour announcing minimum wage increase to £8.50 per hour. This would destroy my business and many others and I feel it’s unsustainable. I also had many other gripes with Labour policies as I do with some of the Conservatives. I don’t believe either side can truly be trusted but would rather my vote went to someone who didn’t screw his own brother over to get ahead, has some kind of charisma and at least seems to be slightly more realistic in his approach to the economy.
    As for the NHS, I don’t want to see it privatised but neither do I want to see a shed load of money pointlessly thrown at it.
    Like I said however, that’s MY choice and the more I’m judged by others for choosing who I do, the more i feel certain I made the right choice. Long may the patronising witch hunt continue

  28. Can use this in the US but just change the word Republican for Tory….who the hell these smug people think they are and why so much better than everyone else is beyond me……I LOVE the shop signs!

  29. i wonder why all the above ,,only talk about one way or another .call me naive but what about we try something completely neither way works …though personally cant stand the core principle of Tories …in the words of charlie chaplin ,,its not cleverness needed to take mankind forward but kindness..,,just saying Tories thats a quality you seem to lack and no im no labour fan either ..think the whole system is broke , but hay ho ,,lets plod on regardless …lets pollute the earth and fight and separate and destroy each other sounds sensible lol

  30. The sad truth is a large % of people using food banks are doing so so they have more money for booze, fags and flat screen TV’S.

  31. I think bottom line is were all trying to make life on earth work and whoever wins will make mistakes but we are all still hear and have lots of useless gadjets and food in our belly so it cant be that bad

  32. They were voted in, it’s about time winging Woolley hat lefties shut up n got on with the next 5 yrs they may find if there not moaning they may start to enjoy life a little more

  33. This Tory bashing is just ridiculous and quite frankly hypocritical. The irony is that in certain circles Tory voters are now in the closet. Frequently I read on Facebook “If you voted tory defriend me as I do not want you as a friend”. This to me represents a form of discrimination something which the left appear to be against. This shows a clear disrespect for other people’s opinions, freedom of speech, a lacking of maturity to deal with situations when you don’t get your own way and the inability to present your own arguments intelligently.

    Yes I fear for the NHS, education and the welfare system. I disagree that a high percentage of claimants are feckless, most are either ill or attempting to find work even those who are long term unemployed. Despite these concerns I can still remember that many helpful initiatives have sprung up under the Conservatives. E.g. The Big Issue, Time Credit Schemes and New Deal. All these have tackled poverty and long term unemployment. I also remember the Labour government introducing tuition fees under the Teaching and Higher Education Act 1998 and tougher conditions for disabled people under the Welfare Reform Act 2007. In my experience under Labour I remember any attempt at initiative or self improvement was stifled and scorned. Under Major’s government using my initiative, making an effort and assertive speech was respected which was the opposite to what I experienced under Labour.

    When I studied forensic psychology I noticed that the paedophile rings were beginning to be exposed under both Major and Thatcher. However nothing was heard on this subject during Labour rule except for a short exposure of it occurring at a children’s home in Jersey. As soon as Cameron reaches power reporting’s about the rings recur. This begs the question as to why these are being exposed again when the Tories rule but not under Labour. This was a deciding factor for me when I chose to vote Tory. Even though the money generated from these rings may generate wealth for the country I am unwilling to live off the back of child rape and torture victims. Personally if I was a victim of such atrocities I would not want people living of my back.

    Personally the left and even some Tories should now band together and oppose any policies which they believe are wrong instead of bashing Tories and/or those high earners who are honest. Bashing the rich doesn’t help those who are poor. Please remember without any rich would all be poor. However I would like to see the U.K with its own raw materials so it can export abroad and support the City in generating wealth. By the way I have noticed an improvement in community spirit since 2010.

    I’m not old enough to remember Thatcher rule so I can’t comment about her.

  34. I went to Private school – My father died and left money in his will in trust that was used for that (My mother got nothing and I grew up in a single parent family – and guess what she worked). I went to University in another country and guess what paid my way through it by working at the same time. And now? I work for the NHS as a paramedic….Guess what I voted Conservative – Why? Because it’s all the negative, whingeing nay-sayers and do-gooders who think everybody deserves something for nothing that have completely ruined the NHS, the welfare state and came close to ruining the country under Bliar/Brown. People need to wake up get off their arses and do something for themselves rather than expecting it be done for them…God forbid people might think for themselves once again…If you don’t believe me come and work a nightshift in London when people treat an Emergency Service like a taxi service and tell you it’s their right.

  35. All of your opinions are interesting, But debate is pointless in a rat race, Now is the summer of our discontent, Let us embrace what we where born to be.

  36. Do you think the Tory bribe “The right to buy Housing Association homes” persuaded some ignorant people to vote for them? This policy will certainly help many who don’t work hard and don’t try to help themselves, so why should they be given that privilege.

    There’s an awful lot of “working class” people who now vote Conservative after buying their Council House homes for very little under Maggie’s Right to Buy Scheme. They now own a nice house, in a nice middle class area because they’ve moved on, and they prefer to forget about their past and the help they received. These people should feel ashamed of themselves, but of course they won’t, because in their eyes they believe that they deserve what they have because they’ve worked hard for it – forget all the others who have worked hard all their lives, but have never been lucky enough to be given a council house home in the first place!!

    Obviously, not all Labour voters live off benefits, some of us work long hours for low pay and have to fork out a fortune each month for private rent. In any case, people will continue to live on benefits under both a Tory or Labour Government. It’s only fair that we should help those genuinely in need.

    There is no future for the younger generation in this country because you are all too greedy and think only of yourselves! All you Conservative voters out there should feel ashamed of yourselves ……I couldn’t care less if you’re sick of hearing that! You need to take a long, hard look at yourselves and start thinking of other less fortunate!!

  37. Iv’e spent the last hour,engrossed in the for’s and against’s of these arguments,the letter was written as a statement of that persons views,pretty much similar my own. can any of you lot explain to me why it the poor’s job to do without to get this country back on its feet? Why all the cuts are from the most vulnerable in our society,and if i’m wrong,tell me who else is paying off the deficit along side us? What is this fab exciting party going to do about the biggest tax avoiding drains on our economy,and get them paying into the system? i say get rid of starbuck’s,and bring back the good old greasy spoon,at least the money would be staying where its needed,ha,and before you all reach for the dictionaries and correct my spelling,don’t bother,i went to a comp,i wont care.

  38. Anyone who believes in popular government and state-protected ‘rights’, no matter who or how enfranchised, is a liberal. That’s what the fucking word means. You find me a Tory in the USA, until then shut your dumb ass about ‘conservatives’. Americans are all left-wing faggots. A real conservative wouldn’t give a shit if some hippy called him ‘raysist’, because he believes in hanging disloyal subjects.

  39. What a load of bollox! Happy with the way the last 5 years have gone!?? The last 5 years have been suffering cut backs attempting to drag the country out of the shit heap of recession and debt that Labour had left us in during their 2 terms! Has the writer of this letter really forgotten about this already? It’s a cold hard FACT, Labour left us in recession! They also ran their first campaign promoting the fact that they would NOT introduce education fees… then only months in, they betrayed all of their voters and introduced fees for university! Is this not the kind of thing you were talking about in your letter??? Where you have all benefited from free higher education and then slap a bill on it for everyone after you!?? Bit of a contradiction here… I’m sick of these selfish Labour protesters, a large number of whom don’t have a job and don’t contribute at all! Looking at the complete mess Labour left us in through rose tinted glasses, a mess we’re yet to pull ourselves out of and then complaining about Labour not winning another assault on the health of this nation. Stamping their feet and crying about Conservatives being in power… there was a fucking vote! You lost! More people wanted them in power than any other party! Get over it, stop being such self important children and (this only applys to half of you) get a job! Why is it that you feel you have the rite to bitch and moan about losing in a voting system!? Especially as a huge number of this group, under instruction from Russel Brand, didn’t even fucking vote! Do you think your desire or want is somehow worth more than the rest of the country’s? It’s quite frankly the juvenile, embarrassing, self important behaviour you’d expect from a toddler, and a large number of you need to grow up! Labour being in power is only of benefit to the people that DON’T contribute to the system, the self entitled, the people that expect something for nothing and for everyone else to look after them… and even then, they would only be in benefit in the short term. Labour left this country in a complete state and only proposed to go on spending money we haven’t got, sending us further into debt. Eventually something has to give and if they had been doing it long enough, the pound goes to shit, is worth fuck all and we end up like Greece! Let’s hope conservatives have managed to get the country back on its feet and swinging again before we eventually have to endure the car crash that is the Labour party again… and let’s hope a few protesters have learnt to understand the concept of a national election and learnt a little about politics, instead of endlessly quoting mindless propaganda with no come back once you question their boresome statements, just a blank stare showing they really don’t understand what they are selfishly attempting to push onto everyone else with different a opinion to themselves….
    2 last things for these people to think about, on a very basic level.
    The NHS is not a good thing, as someone who has had to spend time reliant on them, it is a system that I would not wish upon my worst enemy! Something this country should be truly ashamed of… And you can reduce this back to the very basic concept it is built upon – The NHS get paid before they have supplied you with any health care, this then becomes beneficial for them to give you as little care as possible! And they will! Staff in hospitals will tell you it is not their job to make you better only to get you to a state where you no longer have to be in hospital!
    Now a privatised system only get paid for the care they supply to you, after they have supplied it! This produces a health system that wants to do everything and as much as possible to help you! The more they do, the more they get paid…
    I learnt recently that the NHS does not legally have to treat you unless it can be proven that the treatment has OVER a 50% chance of making you better. That means if you’re child is dying and there is a treatment that is only considered to give your son/daughter a 50% chance of getting better, they don’t have to do it and won’t be held accountable!!! The NHS is a disgusting corrupt stain on this country and the stain wont go away until it is eventually privatised, like most other first world countries… All contributing already pay National Insurance, and so the NHS as it is only benefits those who do not contribute… and those not capable would still be accounted for in a privatised system.
    Now even simpler, one everyone should understand. If you are in debt, you have someone else’s money, money that does not belong to you. And if you have money that does not belong to you, why should you be benefiting from it before paying it back to the people you owe it to? This is a very simple concept even the youngest children can understand (although dislike). The cut backs aren’t pleasant, but they are necessary to reduce the debt and pay back some of the money that IS NOT ours. Hopefully next time Labour are in power, they won’t leave us in such a shit state…

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