An open letter to everyone who voted Conservative yesterday and why you should hesitate before you pat yourself on the back.

To everyone who voted conservative yesterday,

I hope you’re happy. Actually that’s a lie, I really don’t. But before you sit smugly down and give yourself a big pat on the back I’d like to ask you a few questions.

Do you think you haven’t benefitted from the system you are currently trying to break down? As a child, did you ever go to hospital? Have you had an education? Did you ever use a library? Have you ever been on a bus? If so, you have benefited from a system which subsidises facilities with taxes. And now you have, you are willing to take it away from everyone after you. Correct me if I’m wrong but that doesn’t seem very fair. You cannot have socialism and a support system when you need it but then be unwilling to support it for other people.

Now if you are someone who has used the private sector more than public services then I also want to know a few things. If you went to private school, or used private medical care as a child, did you pay for it yourself? Now I’m not asking if your parents paid for it, but you personally. I’m guessing the answer is no. So can you genuinely say you worked hard to get these privileges? No baby earns the right to an education. No child works hard to be born into a particular family who can afford healthcare. So why do you think one person is more deserving than another? If you value working hard and getting on how can you see this as fair? Do you really want to live in a world where children are deemed more worthy of education and healthcare based on what family they come from?

If you are someone who uses a lot of private, who are you? Are you one of the 1% who are currently getting richer? If so, are you ok with the fact that your benefit is someone else’s misery, someone’s poverty, someone’s lack of care? Are you ok with the fact that while you got a pay rise 900,000 people had to go to food banks because they literally didn’t have enough money to feed themselves to survive? Do you really believe that you work harder than these people?

If you aren’t one of these few people benefitting from this system then why have you voted for it? Conservatives use rhetoric of working hard and fairness but this is simply not the reality. If you start life without a lot, to get out of that is hard. “Success” stories are pinned up to show that if you work hard you get somewhere. But they are stories because they are anomalies. To come from a background of little education or money and to get a career you want is not the common way, and you can’t do it without a benefit system. We do not live in a system where if you work hard you get somewhere, the system the conservatives are creating means that if you start off well off you stay that way. Because someone who goes to a private school with tiny class sizes and one on one help does not have to work as hard as someone at an underachieving state school with over worked underpaid staff and huge classes. They just don’t.

Now if you are either one of these types of people you have to question whether you really do believe in what you have voted for. Because in voting conservative you are saying you are happy with the last 5 years. You are endorsing food banks. You are endorsing cutting care for the elderly and the mentally ill. You are endorsing a party where over half the MPs voted against gay marriage. You are saying yes to the NHS being privatised. You are saying you are happy with people being put off education based not on ability or passion but by money. You are saying yes to victimising the poor and disabled and scapegoating people based on where they come from. You are saying that you are ok with the incredible inequality in our country today and you are saying you want more of it.

I do not wish poverty on anyone. It is a cruel and harsh life. But what I do wish for you is that you at least experience it. If not first hand, that you witness the harsh trapping reality that is poverty. The gruelling cycle that doesn’t allow a parent to feed their children. That doesn’t allow for parents to feed themselves. And that you see that this is people who are working. People with jobs. And if they aren’t I hope you see that a life on benefits is not the picnic people make it out to be. Nobody wants to be on benefits. Maybe if you see this you will see what you have voted for.

And if you are ok with all of this then you make me sick. I can’t put it any other way. I am so ashamed to come from a country where this is apparently what the majority think. That the majority of people are too selfish to accept any form of tax rise to support those in our society who need help makes me so incredibly sad. Truly you should be ashamed of yourself that you can so heartlessly put yourself first and not see the consequences. I hope that in the next 5 years you fully appreciate what you did yesterday. I hope you know what you have supported and I hope one day you feel guilty. Because I am scared of what the next 5 years will bring and you should be too.

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  1. self-righteous
    [self-rahy-chuh s, self-]
    confident of one’s own righteousness, especially when smugly moralistic and intolerant of the opinions and behavior of others.

    1. Not at all. This is well analysed and objective. It contrasts the self-centred attitudes of unthinking Tory voters in the context of the meme ‘we build this together’. When Obama had the balls to make a similar statement he was vilified by the political right for the bold assertion that those who make it in life do not do so just on their own, they do so because society provides the infrastructure and the premises, therefore those who succeed must carry a higher burden and must actually support public spending. To do otherwise is hypocritical (and probably self-righteous?)

      1. It says something pretty worrying about you as a person, James, if your response to “I’m concerned about others” is to spout some shit about a “high horse”.

      2. This is an extraordinary comment.

        How dare any of you presume to know what everyone’s motivations for their voting choice were ? The party you wanted to win, didn’t win. And instead of accepting that, you try to take this moral high ground of “Oh, it’s okay, I’m a better person that you because I care about others, and you clearly don’t”. Do you have any idea how despicable that it is, and why it makes people so cross?

        You have just made an ill-informed assumption with absolutely no factual basis. This has then resulted in a direct insult towards quite literally millions of people who voted for the Tories. And what’s worse it isn’t even about then – this is about you trying to console yourself by assuming that you must be a perfect person.

        Personally, I didn’t vote for the Tories, but I absolutely respect people’s rights to do so. I also have Tory friends and family members. And when they marked the Tory box on the ballot paper, I can tell you this – most of them were doing it because they believed the Tories were the right party to make this country better for everyone; they were thinking about themselves, sure, but they were also thinking about their families, their friends, and about the kind of society that they wanted to live in.

        Clearly, you disagree with their political viewpoint. But don’t you fucking dare sit up there on your pedestal and presume to know what everyone’s motivations for voting the way they did were.

    1. @ James H … you contradict yourself, you are telling this person not to have an opinion while viciously voicing your own… you are obviously of the same ilk that voted in a government who quite clearly care less about the more needy people in this country whilst very nicely fathering there own nests, the problem does not arise from the people who can see the wrong doing, it quite obviously comes from the idiots who cant….

  2. There’s just to much media pressure on people to think a certain way, our attitudes are to much on who’s got what and those with the most expensive handbags shoes and houses etc are the ones we want to be so we tend to only listen to them, because what’s fashionable about being in a wheel chair living the wrong sound of town wearing cheap clothes, no one wants their opinion.

  3. We live in a democracy. Get over it. If you don’t like it, don’t live here. There are people queuing up at our borders in the tens of thousands who would make far more of the opportunities this country has to offer than you would. People need to realise how privileged they are to have been born in this country.

    1. This is not a democracy! If we had proportional representation then yes it would be but at this time there are millions of people whose voices will not be heard and not because they did not vote. Millions of people placed their vote elsewhere but have no representation how can that be democratic

      1. If we had proportional representation then we would have a Tory-DUP-UKIP coalition. Which would be further to the right than the Tories alone.

      2. If we had PR then the result would make no difference. If anything the Tories would be more right wing with a possible coalition with UKIP to offset the Labour & SNP union.

      3. If you have a better method for voting than the current system then suggest it? However unless you have some supernatural power where you can analyse the opinions of the constituency and select the best party for each constituency then quit your damned bitching about the voting system it works better than any other suggestion ive ever heard would.

    2. So you’re recommending all the British people leave and let the floodgates open for all the immigrants to come in. Fantastic. I ‘m so glad you’ve thought that through. Right we’re all off to Scotland and Australia. you can have all the immigration you want.

      1. Your off to Scotland are you? Stop trying to make political comments when you are so stupid you think that all the ‘British’ people can leave and go to Scotland……..

    3. That doesn’t address a single point in their argument? Probably because you 1) don’t want to and 2) can’t.

    4. I was born in this country 72 years ago when people helped each other, If someone was ill the neighbours would help that family in any way they could but now I’m afraid it’s a case of I’m alright Jack and it makes me sad. This country is not a democracy when the vote is rigged as it has been in this last election, and to tell people that are English to leave if we don’t like it is beyond belief. Be afraid Sam be very afraid because now this country is moving into a dictatorship David Cameron has a majority now and can pass any bill he wants.

      1. Is this comment for real?

        Rigged elections – give me one SHRED of evidence for this? And I’m talking factual evidence, not just nonsensical ramblings.

        A dictatorship – there are 650 MPs, a cabinet of 20 and one Prime Minister. How is that a dictatorship in any way?

      2. The Tory propaganda has swept into over drive….they have split the working classes for ever….they have convinced the working section that they are…” Better ” than their unemployed neighbours……..and that the unemployed are to blame for all the worlds ills…….The Tories couldn’t give a shit about the people at the bottom….and love it when they are seen to be squabbling over rubbish on a rubbish tip…….and to listen to some people on here arguing over what words to use to describe the quandary…….

    5. The Nazi party was democratically (with some dubiousness) elected, does that mean we must sympathise with their later actions. The author doesn’t write to condemn people for exercising their right to vote, rather asks them to question their choice, and argues that such a choice was morally unjust. That is both a right, and a duty, in this country.

      1. Did you actually just compare the Tories to the nazis….? I think the moral ramifications of voting conservative are hugely different from those of voting for the nazi party…

    6. I see your point,but we take more care over other country’s than our own we give more to them than a national can even claim,I know because I’m at the bottom trying to work my way up,it’s very hard sometimes I agree that it’s not all down to one party,but that’s the whole reason of voting to try get someone in power who’s is at least going to try make things better,not make more cuts to the things we need,we may aswell of let Germany win the war’s,if you think that personally I think you should move out of the country,and let one of those ten of thousands take your place!

    7. To the idiot Sam who seems to think it’s privileged to be in a country where self serving, selfish Tories wreak havoc…that’s why I left and am now sitting in close to 30 degrees, with food that tastes like food and people who actually give a shit about each other. Enjoy the rain moron!

      1. well if your sitting in the 30 degress why are you worrying about good old Blighty.

        Go and get another cocktail and stop worrying

  4. What I find so bizarre about this is reaction of the anti-Tory squad – the default response seems to be “Tories are evil” and “everyone who votes for Tories is evil”. What is completely absent from all this nonsensical rhetoric is anybody turning around and saying “Oi, Labour, what the fuck just happened? How did a government that made massive and deeply unpopular cuts over the last five years get MORE seats in their second term? How the fuck did we, as the opposition party at the ideal time, manage to actually go backwards?!”. That hasn’t happened since the 1930s. The last Tory majority government was recent by comparison, in the 1990s, so is that really what everyone is so surprised about?
    It seems to me that everyone is so obsessed with the Conservatives winning, that they’ve forgotten that Labour somehow managed to miss an open goal. And you can’t just blame it on “old right wingers” – within very recent memory (ie. within the last 20 years) we elected a Labour government with a massive majority for three consecutive terms. So it’s not about the Conservatives winning, this is about Labour utterly fucking it all up in the last five years; more so in my opinion than their time in government. So maybe before you start screaming and shouting and insulting the general public – broadly the same general public who elected a Labour government for 15 years in a row, and broadly the same general public whose support you will be looking for come 2020 – you should think about addressing the enormous elephant in the room: how on earth did Labour lose so spectacularly?
    And to be honest it’s pretty simple – nobody knows what Labour stands for any more. Is it about old fashioned trade unionism? Is it about the middle classes or is it about the poor? Or maybe it’s actually just about hatred of this 1% that everyone keeps going on about (seriously, it’s 1%, and the Tories got 37% of the vote – it really isn’t that significant). Is it about protecting the public sector at the expense of the private sector, or do they support both? Do they support businesses and entrepreneurial types or not? What are their policies? The only one I can remember was the energy price freeze, and given that was only for 24 months that was basically a gimmick. Can anybody actually tell me what the Labour NHS policy was? How was it any different to the Tories? Did they actually promise to reverse the swing towards privatisation? Did they say that out loud or put it in writing? Maybe they did, but if they did, the message was not clear to me, and it obviously wasn’t clear to a large chunk of the UK either

    1. in respect of the Labour and other parties losing votes and Tories clawing them in… the matter of the unfair first past the post system, and also the nationwide instances of lost ballot papers, admin cock up’s in several councils that prevented voters from exercising their democratic right, ballot papers that were lumped into a vote from another constituency, the overseas votes that failed to arrived with ex pats till the day AFTER the election… the list goes on as to why lots of votes never made it to the Labour or other parties. I was skeptical at first about a rigged election, but the more evidence i read the more convinced i am of this fact …. or is it pure incompetence on a nationwide scale?

      The whole system needs to be based on proportional representation … then and only then can we have a fair and representative vote.

      1. So you’re finding it so hard to process the result that you’re actually suggesting that the election was rigged? Attacking FPTP is one thing, but actually suggesting that it was a rigged election is just ridiculous. In every election there are lost ballots, counting errors, admin cockups – but they impact everyone. You can’t seriously be suggesting that these errors impacted everyone except the Tories?

        For reference – assuming Proportional representation and assuming 650 seats, we’d end up with something like (rough numbers):

        Cons – 240
        Lab – 198
        UKIP – 85
        Libs – 52
        SNP – 32
        Greens – 26
        Plaid – 10

        So really it wouldn’t have changed much in this election – in fact we’d probably be looking at a coalition between Tories and UKIP. I think I’ll stick with the plain old Tories to be honest.

      2. To be fair, James, people would likely have voted differently under PR. How different the numbers would be are anyone’s guess, though. I wouldn’t even be that surprised to find that UKIP and the Greens would’ve fared a lot better, at the expense of Labour and Conservative.

        I don’t think the election was rigged- I just don’t think that Labour had anything tangible to offer (“we’re not the Tories” isn’t really a proper game-plan).

      3. Yes appreciate that, I’m just making a point on PR really – people saying “Oh it would have been so much better under PR” are just saying words with no evidence to back it up.

        And yes, we’re in agreement on your second point. This wasn’t a Tory victory so much as a Labour loss.

      4. Definitely. When you look at the votes cast and the seats awarded, it’s difficult not to see the elephant in the room where FPTP is concerned, though.

        Not everybody is bitching about the result just because it didn’t leave us with a Labour Government. Some of us (and outside of this thread, I bet there are many more people) would like to see a Government truly representative of the votes cast.

        What I’d really like to see is compulsory voting, where every vote cast actually counts.

        You’ll never see any real and meaningful change in politics until all parties have a chance to actually win- but given that the current system generally returns one of the main two parties, neither of them are going to be in any particular hurry to give it up.

        That isn’t democracy in my mind.

    2. In its simplest form
      Labour melted in Scotland
      ukip & lib dems disappeared and went Tory
      Torys ran a vote Labour get SNP
      Tory media ran a do you want to see ed eating again
      or would you rather have dave eat another hot dog with a knife and fork
      The people voted for a better way to eat hot dogs obvious

      1. No, you see that’s just all the tiny bits and pieces that Labour supporters are using as an excuse.

        Yes, Labour melted in Scotland. Yes some Lib Dems went Tory. No, UKIPs vote did not collapse – they got 13%, about what they were polling before had. The media thing is a fallacy – before the election everyone was wittering on about the fact that nobody reads The Sun anyway.

        If you look at the polls, the actual main cause of Conservative victory was the collapse of Labour support in England and Wales. They gained ONE seat in this area. ONE. That is ridiculous after 5 years of the Coalition.

        Stop making convenient excuses – it’s time to own the fact that this was HUGE failure of the LABOUR party.

        Good article:

    3. I’s probably the same reaction people gave when George bush got in power. I mean that’s democratic and you think bush is some how the most qualified candidate?

      People beleived the lies spouted by the Tories about making the country better, It’s hardly anything new. people believe the perception over the truth.

      1. Again, you’ve chosen a outward looking view here. Sure, it’s about perception – the Tory party lies were perceived to be truths. The Labour Party lies were perceived to be lies, or not perceived at all.

        So again, is it really the Tories fault? They’re all lairs, it’s just the Tories were better liars on this occasion. So the blame sits with Labour.

      1. No I fully understand the significance of the 1%. On ballot day it is 1%. Yes you could argue that they exert their influence through the “Murdoch media”, but you could argue the same for trade unions exerting their influence over their members as well.

    4. Exactly,James H. There’s barely a fag-papers-worth of difference in policies. It’s just easier for the playground Marxists to overlook the failings of Labour and cast the rich boy Tories as the villain. Pantomime politics at its most banal.

    5. I think the issue lies on three fronts. Firstly Labour reached for the working class and poor vote, completely omitting to target the (very large) middle class. They were trying to impose a mansion tax on properties over £2m (where the property was worth £70k in 1970). Secondly voters were scared of the possibility of England being held to ransom by the SNP. Lastly I think people voted on the basis that its better the devil you know.

    6. You’re right, the Labour message has been completely lost. All the main parties appear to have melded into one large lump of rhetoric and self-serving detachment from the British public; hence the rise of Ukip. With their few, but relatively coherent, policy statements, they are resonating well with a larfe chunk of the voting populace … including me.
      I would normally go Labour but went with Ukip to try and get some new voices into the debate and to try and get the other parties to wake up!
      The Tories are spinning this election as a huge win and as a mandate for everything they want to do – good or bad but the reality is that only a third of the vote went to them and, shamefully, only two thirds of Britain voted atall! Clearly the majority of the electorate do NOT support the Tories, nor do we feel they have a mandate!

      This election has re-ignited the discussion on proportional representation. It’s good that it is being discussed but in my opinion Labour missed the boat on this issue last time around; the message for the Yes campaign was lost then too. I seem to remember that numbers who actually voted for or against were really quite low. The results last week have perhaps made a new generation more aware of how their vote can appear to mean very little under the first past the post system. If a referendum on it were to be held tomorrow I think the outcome could be very different.

  5. It’s obvious that the majority preferred the status quo to the unknown.The rise of the SNP helped to feed that uncertainty and voted accordingly.we have to accept that this awful(in my opinion) party are in charge and we must make the best of it

  6. Once again the Conservatives, or to put it more truthfully ‘the Cons’, gained power by trashing every other party, and what they stood for.Thus making people scared to vote elsewhere (except, it seems, in Scotland). It’s about time the scales fell off peoples’ eyes so they can see just how awful they are. The one thing they did promise to do, was to improve School bulidings, ha ha. If you remember in the last election Labour set aside money to do this, and as soon as the cons were elected they squashed this, even though some Schools were in a deplorable condition. Somehow I can’t see the Cons carrying out this promise, can you? The thing that worries me most this time, is that they now are in charge, on their own. Who knows what dreadful plans they have up their sleeves, now they don’t have the Lib-Dems holding them back……

    1. more free schools built by or leased from Toryy sponsors run by amateurs staffed by non professionals
      however that is what the people seem to want
      the beauty is the Torys cant be blamed for individual school failures

      1. n April 2014, following publication of a leaked document ‘Future Academy System: Lord Nash Session’, critics claimed that failing Free Schools were being given special fast-track attention by the government to limit potential embarrassment to the Education Secretary at the time Michael Gove. The leaked document stated that the “political ramifications of any more free schools being judged inadequate are very high and speedy intervention is essential.”[66]

      2. “David Cameron and Michael Gove told us that adopting the Swedish free schools model was the answer to raising school standards. As we know, this is not the case.”

        He highlighted figures from the international PISA study showing that no country had fallen so abruptly in maths over the last 10 years as Sweden, going from 17th in 2003 to 38th in 2012.

        Over the same period Sweden’s reading rank dropped from 8th to 36th and science rank from 15th to 38th.

        Education Secretary Michael Gove has previously hailed Sweden as the “closest model” for what the Coalition is trying to achieve ????????????????
        So there you have it
        its official Trying to maintain a supply of illiterate low paid workers using free schools

  7. You seem to think only Britain suffered the depression and austerity. Try living in Spain, Italy, Greece and THEN you’ll find out what austerity really means. Britain is growing and doing better than any of these countries – but no one escaped without some hardship. My fellow Brits, frankly, hardly know the meaning of the word, except for the underclass of people who were always there anyway. Get over it!

    1. excuse me I currently am in this said underclass but I and many others like me have not “always been there”! I fell on hard times during the financial crisis, I lost everything in it not because I borrowed money (because I have to date no lone to my name or a credit card or overdraft) but because I was fresh out of education and every door slammed shut in my face. how many times has this ever happened to you? And as for suffering I at the lowest point in my life had 1 meal a week. Went from 5 foot 9 10 stone man to a 5 foot 9 5 1/2 stone man with no energy and no way to claw my way back up and no help to get there ether. During all that time I searched for work, sold most of the things I had and tried HARD to fix something that I can whole heartedly state was not my fault so I will not “get over it”. I quite frankly find your opinion distasteful and disrespectful to those who have suffered due to other peoples greed. I agree there are some people out there that have no intention to work no intention to even try. But there are also those who are being punished yet again for being in the circumstance that I find my self in this system in its ENTIRETY needs to change though and the tory’s wont do that they just see less people signing on as a good thing when some of those people are like me innocent and are being sanctioned into depression, anxiety and sometimes death. So I hope your happy with your media brainwashing

      1. I already want a vote of no confidence myself. Briton standing tall more like about to fall into a pit of unrelenting anger, violence and riots. the rich have control over everything the poor tarred with the same brush of “oh your lazy” “oh you don’t want to work” “i don’t pay my taxes so you can live off of them” when the rich get a loop hole to dodge through and don’t pay even a quarter of what they damn well should. politically me being poor I have no voice I am just a number a statistic or a target to this party. So I have no confidence in them. i hope that one day I may be able to dig my way out of this mess the governments of the past have left me in but at the moment it seems depressingly unlikely

    2. “Britain is growing and doing better than any of these countries”


      “but no one escaped without some hardship.”

      That, of course, is where your argument falls down.

      The rich are getting richer. The 1% have roughly doubled their share of the national pie, and will probably do the same again.

      The top 20% or so are feeling no pain- tax cuts funded by slashing social spending.

      And the Tories will scrap the HRA, and dismantle as much of the welfare state as they can while they’re in. They will flog of chunks of the NHS to their chums. Don’t be surprised if you have to pay £10 to see a doctor in the future. And they will sign TTIP, meaning that foreign manufacturers can sue the UK government if they pass inconvenient laws – like ones about food safety, or labelling.

      Don;t be fooled – the last five years represented a massive transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich (and clue: if you’re earning less than about £80K a year, you count as “poor” in this equation – that’s a day’s pay for some people). When they allow private rents to rise, and subsidise them with housing benefit – that’s middle-class taxpayers paying rich people to exploit poor people.

      When Tesco can use “workfare” workers to displace paid workers, that’s middle-class taxpayers paying a rich corporation to exploit the poor.

      1. I am not sure on your comments about the top 20% feeling no pain. The top 30,000 earners contribute approximately 11% of total tax revenues – that’s a lot of dough. Typically they are also large employers who create jobs and wealth. I am not saying that the sun shines through their a@@@ but there’s something to be said about over-taxing these people to the hilt.

        Also, it was Labour who started the process of privitisation of the NHS not the Tories.

        The Tories are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. All I see under Labour is the Rich getting poorer and the poorer getting richer, the reverse is true under the Tories – The middle-class get screwed either way.

  8. The truth is that Gordon Brown took on an unnecessary near million civil servants just to massage the unemployment figures. This was one of the main reasons for the deficit and the then near-bankrupt economy. Anyone who borrows eventually has to repay – do you expect your children to do this? Are the present generation not responsible for clearing up their own mess? This is what the present austerity is all about. Accept the facts and move on.

    Similar hypocrisy exists with regard to the tax rates: Labour’s top rate was 40% for near thirteen years whilst the Coalition’s rate was 45% for most of their term. So who’s giving tax breaks to millionaires?

    1. Sorry – but bollocks.

      1) Sovereign nations cannot go bankrupt. Worst case, they can default on their debt. Not a good idea, and England hasn’t done this in hundreds of years, but even at our worst, we still have a AA credit rating. And remember, it was under Osborne that it dropped to AA from AAA.
      2) The ConDems borrowed more in one parliamentary session than every Labout government in history combined.
      3) The deficit is far from gone.
      4) Even the World Bank, scarcely a hotbed of pinko lefties, has said that the “austerity” programme is damaging our economy.
      5) The “mess” was not caused by Labour – there was this worldwide financial crisis, you may remember? Caused by bankers? And not even predominantly *our* bankers, but US ones (though ours didn’t exactly help). We actually came out of it better than most European countries, largely due to Brown. I’m no fan of Brown, but he navigated that crisis about as well as possible, and bullied other governments into steadying the world economy.
      6) And guess what? Those same bankers are back with massive bonuses, playing roulette with our money again.

      1. 2) That is a deliberately misleading statement that confuses the national debt with the structural deficit. The Tories borrowed more in one parliament than every other government combined because they inherited the largest structural deficit in British history.

        3) True, but it is dramatically reduced to £80 billion instead of the £150 billion from 2010. The national debt is still ridiculous at something like £1.5 trillion

        4) I can quote plenty of irrelvant bodies who have also praised the UK economic strategy – the IMF, the US Fed, the EU, and – frankly – the statistics themselves.

      2. True that our credit rating dropped under Osbourne but only on the back of Labour bankrupting the country; yes, global recession blah blah but remember he taxed pensions, borrowed heavily when the country was boyant, (didn’t save a bean) and sold our gold reserves for practically nothing.

  9. Why Are so many people jumping up and down about the conservatives getting into power? The reason they won power is because the majority of the electorate did NOT want a labour government or even worse risk a labour snp coalition. A vote for any other party would have made that happen which would be a disaster for the UK. The Tories winning power actually benefit the economy, the pound was up on Friday and markets were doing well. If labour had got in we would have seen the opposite effect. Since 1997 we have seen out of control spending by labour. We live in a country where you are better off on dole then going out to work THIS NEEDS TO STOP and the Tories will sort this problem, no matter how unpopular it is with the dole dossers that like to think the tax payer owes them a living. Yes the Tories need to get to grips with the nhs, increase spending in this area and not go down the privatisation route. Any cuts should be for the long term lazy job seeker claimants, foreign nationals claiming benefits for their kids in their home country, fuel allowances for people living in Spain, the list goes on. We simply cannot afford to continue wasting tax payers money like we have been, something has to give and the Tories can see that. If you are one of these people moaning about the election results give them chance to prove themselves and if they do cock up in the next 5 years then fine moan away but at the moment nothing has really changed in the last week so STOP MOANING.

    1. The MAJORITY of the Electorate didnt want the Tory Party either, so roll on five more years of “The Nasty Party” elected by a MINORITY of Greed!
      Ps A Majority is over 50%!!!!

      1. So in your eyes, who would be in government now given that nobody got an absolute majority? Yes, technically the Tories got voted in with an absolute minority, but it was a smaller minority than any other party, so what is your suggestion or your point?

      2. My comments were clear as to how I feel about “The Nasty Party”, my suggestion is that you used falsehoods to bolster your comments and my point is that 63% a clear and true MAJORITY rejected you and them, and maybe you should reflect on that when you call people Dossers and moderate your language! As regards who should Govern, under our system I always accept whichever party produces a MAJORITY of MPs is entitled to form a Government, so accordingly the Tories! That doesn’t alter my opinion about them though, and I think the next five years if they last that long, will show that, sadly at the further expense of those already at the bottom!

    2. “We live in a country where you are better off on dole then going out to work”

      As they say on Wikipedia “citation needed”.

      We actually live in a country where you can be made redundant from your minimum-wage job, sign on and be sent back to do the same job for £1/hour, on “workfare”.

    3. If you compare like for like, NOBODY is better off on jobseekers allowance than working. A single, childless, person on minimum wage earns approx £260 pw gross, £233 after tax and NI, a single person on JSA (over 25) gets £73.10 pw Jobseekers allowance + rent for 1 bed flat (only if they are over 35 otherwise it is shared home rate) £80 (depends where you live in UK) + £9 council tax help (band A and single person discount, depends where you live of course)) = £162.10. A childless couple on Jsa get £114.85 + rent £90 + £13 council tax help =£217.85. A working childless couple on min wage get approx £466 after tax and NI. (two min wages)

      If you start comparing a working, single, childless, person on min wage, with an unemployed couple with 3 kids then the single worker will be worse off, but you are not then comparing like for like are you! A working single person with children would be better off than you too because they will receive child tax crdeits and child benefit.

      You may benefit from checking the facts on Gov.UK and other information sites before accepting what the likes of The Sun and Daily Mail tell you. If you don’t believe me, go have a look at min wage, tax allowances, NI contributions, sites which show benefit rates and how housing benefit and council tax benefits are worked out. Go armed with a pen and a calculator. Don’t forget to check working tax credits, child tax credits and child benefit, get the knowledge, do your sums then tell me I am wrong, I KNOW I will not hear from you!

    4. Of course the pound is up and the market is strong, and for two reasons. The stock market likes a government who has an overall majority, it gives them a sense of security. Secondly business and the wealthy know which party is on their side.

    5. Not moaning Jonny. Am sitting in a land far away…enjoying the heat, the socialist people, the great food and wine and the fact there are NO TORIES IN SIGHT. Enjoy the, ahem, ‘summer’ there.

      1. Oh do stop whinging about Blightly, its not your problem as you don,t live here, please just pour yourself another COCKtail and return to your sunbed and just stop worrying otherwise your give yourself a Stroke

  10. the Tories did not win the election – it was handed to them on a plate by SNP and UKIP – the Scottish people voted to be governed by Scottish people and the majority of UKIP voters were labour supporters who are simply fed up of foreign migrants in their areas ( which are primarily north of London – it is sad but it is fact – the Tories got 2 million votes more than Labour take into account SNP and UKIP votes of over 6 million and it tells you a truer story – wd to a splinter party that divided labour voters but that is what they have always done – UKIP = Conservative values and gained the support of traditional labour supporters by their rambling on about the EU and migrant workers

    1. Well, the Tories did actually win the election, that much is clear… But I take your point. That being said the rise of UKIP and the SNP is far less important than the abysmal failure of Labour. They got one extra seat in England and Wales. Just one, after 5 difficult years. That is utterly pathetic. And not only that, but they also managed to lose a huge chunk of their core vote to nationalists and racists.

      I’m fed up of everyone blaming the parties who emerged as “winners”. Why aren’t we turning our fire on the real losers here?

      1. is it right that only 37% of the country voted for them im 72yrs old and think that cant be ok

      2. I’m really not sure what you’re suggesting here – yes, only 37% of the country voted for them, but that’s more than all the other parties got. If you have 7 parties like we do in the UK, obviously no one party is going to get an absolute majority of the popular vote (ie. 50% +).

        Are you suggesting an alternative of some sort?

  11. I didn’t vote Conservative I didn’t vote labour, I did vote.
    Try living on minimum wage with a family.
    Try working 40+ hours and affording childcare for a baby under 24 months (the point at which free places come in).
    Try getting regular child care if you work on a flexible (zero hours) contract.
    Try living in SE England and affording housing, food, transport, and utilities.
    Try being disabled, and getting a job that doesn’t pay minimum wage.
    Try to eek out £210 a week before tax, NI, pension payments, and pay for petrol at 1.15 a litre, or bus fares £8.20 a day, or train fares at £3000+ a year, and rent at minimum £550 a month, and have anything, anything left.
    The chap at the Question Time debate explained quite succinctly that if he can’t afford a pint at the end of the week he’s over spent. I very often can’t afford bread at the end of the week, its been 5 years since I could afford a beer.
    I constantly sit impressed that anyone can afford vodka, cigarettes or iphones on benefits, but I wholeheartedly believe that this is not typical.
    I am actually constantly surprised anyone manages to get benefits at all, I am constantly told as a disabled single mother I am not entitled to anything other than child benefit because I work.
    I am terrified of the Tory government. I am terrified that they will take my modest £82 a month away, I am scared they will start charging market rate for “non urgent medical procedures”. I worry that inflation will rise and I won’t be able to live even in the modest way we do at the moment.
    5 years ago I didn’t know food banks existed, I didn’t know what a crisis loan was, and I had no idea that charities can give grants for basic necessities. In 5 years time I shudder at what I might know.

      1. That’s a little worrying as when I spoke to a debt crisis company on Friday that’s what they asked if I had applied for. I explained I didn’t have a clue what one was and they explained. I do have an appointment with them on Monday morning so no doubt they will explain they no longer exist.

      2. i believe that there is a form of loan available but i don’t think its widely available due to the whole where is this money going and when do we get it back sort of thing

      3. They were replaced by what ever provisions your local authority has. Be it food vouchers for food banks, gas and electricity vouchers etc. You need too ask them directly as they will not tell you that these exist.

  12. The countries of southern Europe are hardly a place to reflect on UK government policies to my knowledge the Conservative party use reciprocation to benefit from their association with large multi nationals , but don’t have an accountant with a notebook written in pencil with details of monies in Swiss bank accounts paid over to PP party members in Spain by large companies and banks corruption has always creamed the top off the economies of the south and adds a second layer to .austerity here. And a great deal of poverty in the UK is hidden from public view, and sanitized, with five more years of the Conservatives maybe people will start self immolation and public suicide an option those in Spain have selected as a final expression of despair. And for those who see Labour as spendthrifts a review of public debt rather than the deficit, over the period since 1945 would be appropriate, the public debt which Gordon Brown paid down is what you children will pay for in the future. The deficit is the difference between what the government receives as income and the amounts which it pays out each year in public spending, the Conservatives have increased public debt hugely but at the same time slightly lowered the deficit. In fact what they have done is borrow vast amounts to subsidize private companies in the last parliament with housing benefits and welfare payments to low paid workers who even then have to make up the balance by using food banks.Now they will reduce that as the low wage charity based economy is well under way roll on more food banks. And as been said in the past the UK is a national which aspires to be what the Scandinavian countries are well educated with a specialized high value workforce, with high quality public services, but don’t want to pay for it and don’t understand why they can’t have it without paying for it, which for all of their moaning about their taxes still makes the Danes the Swedes and the Norwegians laugh at the UK middle classes behind their hands.
    Under the latter half of Margaret Thatcher’s administration I once had the pleasure of hosting a dinner party in London attended by an obnoxious couple who had rammed their success in her yupy economy down everyone’s throats, bought into the inflated property market in London and poured scorn on those living on benefits as lazy and immoral. At that point they had defaulted on their mortgage and were living in a bedsit provided by Tower Hamlets council, we took our time in pointing out to them their lack of compassion for those they considered below them had a direct effect on were they found themselves and the hypocrisy of their self pity at the conditions they had to live in. History doesn’t teach many people lessons is all I can say and Podemos!.

  13. Lets just hope that the tory’s don’t try to hurt the already angry poor or there will be bloodshed this time. The poor are angry and hurt and abandoned at the moment if they start forcing through policy’s that anger them more there is likely to be some sort of backlash that wont be pleasant to see but that’s just an opinion I have. I hope that I am wrong but if the current state of things is anything to go by then yea don’t light that fuse cos that’s none hell of a powder keg at the end of it (not a threat a prediction)

  14. We regrettably have a far too many self righteous people in this country, whom seem unable to recognise that the population have spoken. Despite the make up of constituency boundaries favouring us on the left, the right have managed to encourage swing voters to give them a majority. The above ‘open letter’ is clearly ill conceived. No one has voted for any massive change, the parties are so alike it makes no difference, the only consideration is whom to you trust to spend your money most wisely…. and our boys on the left have shown themselves incompetent too many times.

  15. They got in by lies and controlling the media .claiming the scots would control England got middle England to go to the ballot box .cynical and now they will reap there rewards .united Kingdom is as good as over .

    1. More conspiracy theory nonesense. They got in because Labour failed, not because they in particular succeeded.

  16. Just a small point to the people whining about benefit payments… I would rather unemployed people have my tax money than self-serving politicians claiming expenses. You know… the ones that refurbish their SECOND HOMES with my taxes, the ones that claim travel to and from work from my taxes, the ones that claim £39 for breakfast at a breakfast meeting from my taxes (when jobseeker’s is what- about £45 per week??).
    All this when many of them have their own businesses or sidelines and earn plenty of money. Their salary is well above mine. Oh yeah- and they get to employ family members etc. with state money.
    Also- housing benefit is a joke since it goes directly to the richest people. Rich people buy property and get tax payer’s money to let poor people have somewhere to live.
    The benefits argument is more complex than people think it is.

    1. indeed I agree with you. this is why I want things to change. the whole system is not right is unfair and uncaring who or what gets crushed along the way just so long as money keeps getting into the already overstuffed pockets

  17. God there are so many silly points in that article. I guess some people are just bad losers. Most people I know are well pleased we have a Tory government and no they are not millionaires just normal working people who were sh1t scared that there was a possibility that Labour could return to power with or without the help of the SNP. Buythe way it was Labour that introduced university tuition fees.

    1. to be honest though riots all ready is a bit of a bad sign that and save the children working in the uk for the first time since it was created was down to the torys. So lets see tuition fees to pay the staff who have studied hard to get where they are and keep the maintenance up on the building the university is based in is by your eyes worse than having children suffer for reasons that they are too young to understand and possibly leading them braking the law to survive! You sir have some warped perspectives

  18. I too am ashamed that we share a country with people such as you. Your “rant” totally misses the cornerstone of our society, FREE SPEECH!. We have the right to vote as we please without being publicly criticised by people such as you. We also need to dispel the myth that the Tories “frightened” voters by claiming that Labour and the SNP would be bad for the country. This is insulting. Many of us are smart enough to worked this out for ourselves.
    PLEASE keep your diatribe to yourself,

    1. and what of this persons free speech! your quite right you have the right to vote however you deem fit but as a voter I have the right to complain about the way you voted and you have that right to do so about my vote. That is all this person has done You should be ashamed not to share a country with them but because with your words your trying to stop a persons free speech and that in it self is deplorable, disrespectful and damaging to both your right to free speech and mine. I am ashamed that you think that this is the correct use of your free speech silencing others rights and I note there is a bit of Hypocrisy in my words here but that cannot be helped.

      1. To Mr Graham-I am not trying silence others at all, I just dont try to impose MY views on everybody else in a public way, like this lady has done. She, you and others alike should at least have the decency to respect the fact that we can all vote as we see fit, without the public reprimand. So yes, i am ashamed that I share the same country as people who are clearly intolerant of other peoples views.

      2. @Tony T

        You said: “I just dont try to impose MY views on everybody else in a public way, like this lady has done”

        She hasn’t tried to *impose* her views (how anyone could do that with a blog is beyond me). She has tried to persuade people to agree with her point of view. This could hardly be more in keeping with the principles of democracy AND free speech.

  19. Great blog post. There is some hope for the future as 63% of voters did not vote Tory and most of us are like you – we cannot believe the selfishness of those who did. Or maybe they’re just misguided, naïve and were taken in. We mustn’t give up.

    1. im not selfish,dont judge the majority, i want a country that can afford its services again, Labour has crippled it many times, remember when they left 5 years ago they also left a note that said “there is no money left”

    2. When there is a debt to be paid cuts MUST be made – the people that think there is a quick fix answer or that we can go on spending are the misguided, naïve ones. I want the economy to carry on growing so that we can afford to support our services again, that isn’t selfish.

    3. Ridiculous comment.

      Sure, 63% didn’t vote Tory. But 70% didn’t vote Labour. 87% didn’t vote UKIP. 95% didn’t vote SNP or Green.

      So who would be the government after this result if we followed your theory?

      1. Ha, what the hell?! I’m not even a Tory – I just stated the facts!

        And you didn’t answer my question – who would be the government after this result if we followed your theory?!

  20. I’m sorry, i don’t see how I’m evil for voting for the conservatives. The truth of the matter is I don’t trust labour with the finances of this country after the mess they left last time around. I understand that there will be cuts and that a minority of people across the broad spectrum of society will be worst off.

    But I also don’t want my children, future grand kids or even their children paying for our mistakes and that’s why we should tackle the defect in our life times. I want a strong NHS like anyone else but to suggest that the Conservatives are any different to Labour is just a damn right lie. yes that are parts of the NHS that could be outsourced that wouldn’t effect overall service in fact it would improve it. Labour were doing this in their last term in office so don’t lay it all David Cameron’s door.

    The NHS has crippling debts not because of the austerity measures but as part of the PFI payments that were implemented by labour.

    1. nobody said you where evil just asking you to think about if you did the right thing if you think this is the right course the future should take. That’s all and not only is that a right to ask these things but its also the duty of everybody to do so because if you don’t you could end up having a government that then becomes a dictatorship and that is a chapter of history that has played out once before (Hitler and the national socialist party eventually becoming the nazi party then ww2) .

    2. Totally agree with you Scott. It seems many people have a short memory and just because someone votes conservative does NOT mean they are happy about what is happening to the NHS and does NOT mean they are rich/stupid/evil. Christopher – voting Conservative is not the same as voting Nazi Hitler- what a ridiculous idea/concept! I thought long and hard about *** MY *** vote thank you very much!

      1. i was not saying that it was was just pointing out if no one questions who and why that party is voted in then that chapter of history will repeat its self that is all

  21. The ordinary people rhetoric worries me. Who are “ordinary people”? I was always told every person was unique and every persons experiences and situation is as unique as they are. Do ordinary people own their home, to they have a mortgage, or do they rent? Do ordinary people work full time, part time, are unemployed or retired? Are ordinary people Single, married, or cohabiting. Where do ordinary people live? In towns, cities, in the North in the South, in London or Edinburgh? Both sides of this debate are guilty of this, but in my head it’s Cameron’s speech in Coventry way back in April, “I am an Ordinary person and I stand for ordinary people”. I remember thinking would he look at me and say I’m not “Ordinary” (this I understand, I look odd, I’m deaf and use a wheelchair, I acknowledge I am not ordinary) and so not worthy of his standing for me?

    1. Cameron is a privately-educated millionaire son of millionaires. Claiming to be an “ordinary” person is cant of the ripest sort.

  22. That’s how our voting system works. The Tories got enough votes in the right places to form a majority government.
    Your beef should be with the system that put them there, not with the people who voted the way they thought best.

  23. It’s a shame so many discussions on the Internet over simplify an incredibly complex set of issues such as taxation and debt, education and the nhs, benefits and wealth, that the discussions such as this one aren’t actually useful and serve only to promote hard feeling and misunderstanding. For me, like many who voted conservative, the main issue is simply that we, as a nation, are in too much debt. So much, in fact, that the education system, the nhs, and our jobs are all in danger. If the debt isn’t paid on time, pensions won’t be paid and the debt gets far more expensive. And we have an economy so dependent on benefits that to cut them would not only damage the economy but ruin many lives. The issue for me is, how could a government have allowed us to get into this situation? And this situation occurred under a labour government. That’s why I voted conservative.

    1. You do know that the Tories borrowed more in the last five years than any other previous government before them right??? You do know that the deficit increased under the last Tory government, maybe you just missed that part because it suited you!!

      1. I get so frustrated when I read this statement – yes, it is true that the Tory government borrowed more than any other government in History, but that is taken completely out of context.

        There are two types of debt – the structural deficit and the national debt. The structural deficit is the difference between income and spend per year. The national debt is the total amount of debt that we as a nation are in at this moment in time – I don’t know the exact figure for that but it is something like £1.5 trillion, or around 60% of GDP.

        The Tories inherited the highest structural deficit in British History in 2010 – £150 billion. That means that every year our National Debt was going up £150 billion. They have cut the structural deficit to £80 billion, but yes, they have technically borrowed more than any previous government because of the absurd structural deficit they inherited.

        And note I am not directly blaming Labour for the structural deficit. It broadly came about because of four significant factors (among others):

        1. Global economic crash in 2008, which was brought about by….
        2. Irresponsible banking and financial practices, which was brought about by….
        3. A severe lack of transparent regulation in the financial sector….
        4. Which Labour and all previous governments in the last 50 years were responsible for…

        However, Labour certainly made things worse – they didn’t run a surplus during the boom years (economic crashes, like death, are facts of live and unavoidable), and they expanded the public sector so dramatically that when the crash happened we were left with huge spending commitments and a sudden drop in tax receipts.

  24. I reckon that the tories will will again in 2020 as there will be less people after lots of vulnerable and sick people die as a result of the benefit cuts they will introduce and also the change in boundries.

  25. I’m really glad your socialist PM spent probably £100bn on failed wars. Or did poverty only exist the day Cameron came to power. Enjoy whinging for the next 5 years. Same PM who got in without PR, ahhh but now the system is broke! Pathetic.

  26. I voted Conservative because I don’t trust Labour with the economy, it seems like everyone has forgotten who put us all in this mess in the first place – Labour! No I am not happy with my decision, I don’t like what the conservatives are doing to the NHS, but when Labour were last in power my life was filled with depression and redundancy. My husband, myself, my Dad, my best friend and my sister were all made redundant and we all found it VERY difficult to get a job again. I went to food banks, I had no where to live – It was a horrible time! but 5 years later and we all now have jobs and feel stable in our lives again – I appreciate what the conservatives have done for my life over the past 5 years – no I don’t think cuts are right, but what does everyone expect when the country is in financial difficulty? If you yourself are in debt do you carry on spending or do you have to make some cuts to pay that debt back? If you are going to be angry at anyone it should be Labour and the bad choices they made which is still having horrendous consequences for people today. Don’t assume that everyone who voted Conservative are rich, evil and 100% happy with how things are, because they are not.

      1. I doubt Tony Blair, Gordon Brown or any of his cronies have suffered either, if Ed Miliband had won do you really think he would have been any different? If you do – you are deluded.

  27. Someone out there today or tomorrow, will have a Work Related Accident, which like myself will disable them from working for the rest of their Life. I would wish that on Nobody, as to be told by The Head of the DSS Disability section back in 1991 that I should go home & forget about ever working again Mr.R. as No Company would employ you because of what your accident caused to your body. Then 22 years later to have a WCA by an ATOS Healthcare Professional & she finds you fit for work within the following 3 months & suddenly you start to be stripped of your incapacity income until they award you “O”. Then to be given 21 Points for the second WCA but not by ATOS, by another Team who listened to My Recording of my Second WCA & awarded me the 21 Points & the ESA Law of 2008 First Descriptor, Section One, YET still receive NO Payment from the ESA Support Group. Poverty imposed by Political Parasites in Westminster. Too many non workers!!! BUT No Job vacancies. Spin, Spin & another 5 years of Spin.
    How many Deaths will this government cause over the next 5 years????

    1. When ATOS claimed a man who was in a coma was fit for work, and sent a letter to a woman who was dead saying her benefits would be stopped within 3 weeks because she was fit for work. What hope was there for the rest of us?

  28. So naive, this is a majority, democratic decision, don’t insult people who have a right to choice. You are acting like a spoilt child whose team didn’t win. Do you REALLY think that Labour have been the only party to want the things you mention. In the 70’s Labour brought the country to their knees, with 3 day week, power cuts, militant unionism dictating to them, we were the poor man of Europe, it was a frightening time. When they left 5 years ago they also left a note saying there was no money left. Its taken 5 years to start to recover, i want the recovery to continue so we do have enough funds to support those that need it. Labour may have some good ideas but they cannot control their spending, they spend to appease,to court favour,and not for the greater good and to do that they borrow and borrow. If it wasn’t for the measures that need to be taken we would be in the same situation as Greece.

    1. Well said Cheryl! Labour put us all in this situation, Labour is the reason cuts had to be made over the past 5 years, and Labour didn’t win – get over it!

  29. Brilliant post! Many people who voted Tory don’t actually know what they voted for – which makes it even more upsetting.

    Please, check out my blog. I’ve just wrote an article on The Tories –

    1. “Many people who voted Tory don’t actually know what they voted for”

      Do you have any factual basis for this comment? Or are you just assuming?

  30. The world need first and foremost great leaders who work hard to help their country fellowmen as well as other global citizens. Individuals who have years of service providing equal rights and equal opportunities to all no matter what part of the world they reside. This is one of the reasons i believe a great, well respect person like Mr. William Gates should run for President of the United States in 2016. It is time we take in consideration electing real leadership that put business, economics and humanity concerns at the forefront of issues affecting our national interests and other citizens aboard.

    Daniel X. Brack

  31. The world need first and foremost great leaders who work hard to help their country fellowmen as well as other global citizens. Individuals who have years of service providing equal rights and equal opportunities to all no matter what part of the world they reside. This is one of the reasons i believe a great, well respect
    person like Mr. William Gates should run for President of the United States in 2016. It is time we take in consideration electing real leadership that put business, economics and humanity concerns at the forefront of issues affecting our national interests and other citizens aboard.
    Real Leadership
    Daniel X. Brack

  32. What a load of nonsense. After these next five years I can guarantee you, there will still be hospitals, there will still be schools, there will still be libraries and there will still be buses. To paint a picture that all of these things are going to be destroyed in the next five years isn’t attached to any sense of reality.

    I’m no Tory lover, but it’s not at all accurate to paint all Tories and their voters as bullingdon club posh boys of privilege. Conservative policies more broadly support enterprise and business and this appeals to lots of ordinary center-ground voters – people that own small businesses, employ one or two people, where levels of tax and NI genuinely matter – we’re not talking mega rich bankers who eat foxes for breakfast. Labour had very little to offer the center ground this time and until they do and successfully combine that with their messages about a fairer society, they won’t be in government. You can’t blame the tory’s or tory voters for Labours failure.

  33. This letter assumes that every voter made their decision solely on the state of the economy and the national debt/balance. It might surprise the author to know that some people, like myself, voted Tory because they do not like the style of ‘leadership’ used by Labour. I remember all three of Labour’s recent terms in office and from my point of view it was regularly punctuated by new decrees backed up by new fines. I think I read somewhere in the run up to this election that Labour were planning on introducing new rules/laws which would enable them to confiscate land from rich people if they were not using it and not allowing housing to be built on it. This country definitely needs more homes and I believe that the land in our country should be used fairly for the good of all of us, but I will never support a government which wants to confiscate things from the public ‘for the public good’. I don’t care how rich these people might be, taking peoples’ possessions is a dangerous road to go down. This is just an example and I admit that I do not have a proper source so I could be very wrong about this particular policy. However, I think that Labour interfere far too much in my life when they have power. At least with the Tories I feel that there’s very little chance that I will wake up on any particular day to find out that there is a new ridiculous law coming into effect which is backed up by more fines rather than encouraged by positive incentives.

    Oh and I think that Labour are fully capable of royally screwing up our economy, again.

    1. You do realise the last Labour government was in power for thirteen years not two don’t you ? For the first 11 years they actually presided over the longest period of economic growth this country has known since the war, even in the years post 9/11 when the rest of the world was in recession. But no its the last two years that the press like to peddle the myth about Labour being bad for the economy and its fools like you that choose 5o believe it. How about reading the thoughts of former bank of England governor Mervyn King on how well he thinks nks the Tories have dealt with the economy in the last five years before you pollute the internet with more ill-informed lies ?

  34. Beautifully written Claire, but I fear you are preaching to the converted. I think Tory voters broadly fit into two categories; the right wingers who really don’t believe in social justice at all but self, self, self. Your attempt to appeal to the conscience of people who don’t possess one is always going to fall on deaf ears.

    The other type of Tory isn’t really a Tory voter, so much as anything but the alternative voter. These are the frightened, the weak-minded and the frankly stupid who swallow the lies peddled by our Tory biased press around election time and vote for what they think is the ‘safe’ option. Sadly there is no point appealing to the conscience of these people with the simple, honest logic of your article, as ultimately these people will always smilke and nod in agreement with you whilst listening to the voices in their head screaming at them to do as the press has conditioned them to.

    Its time for us socialists to abandon tactics like reason and logic and learnfrom the right to play dirty, to fight fire with fire. We can start by challenging the lies that the Scottish Nationalists, the immigrants and the benefit claimants are our common enemies and exposing the hard truth even if fact needs to be ‘sexed up’ to borrow a phrase from. Tony Blair, so that people will begin to believe it.

    I hope the new Labour leadership doesn’t make the mistake Tony Blair made and believe that the party has to reposition itself to the right in order to appeal to the majority vote. That isn’t doing what socialism demands, that is just playing the game the right wants it to play and in the process losing the support of people like the Scots who demand social fairness for all. Form a REAL alternative and don’t bother trying to appeal to the 10% of frightened fools that swung this election,but the 47% of people who didn’t vote at all or the 95% of Scots and Greens and others who just felt it wasn’t worth voting Labour because they just don’t offer a strong alternative to the status quo.

    1. Yes Martin, I do realise that the last Labour government was in office for thirteen years and not two, thanks for checking though. It is true that they presided over a very long period of growth. It’s a thing called boom and bust economics, which I believe someone coughGordonBrowncough promised the end of at the start of their tenure. And what did Labour do during the inevitable good economic times? Did they save any money? Of course not, they went on a socialist spending spree to make themselves look good to the people. As you say ‘the longest period of growth’ and what did they have to show for it in the end…a note saying ‘sorry there is no money’. Now that’s responsible behaviour.

      Also, I receive most of my news from the BBC who I believe have a left-wing bias if anything. I do not read any particular newspaper as a habit. I merely added my humble opinion to the debate and did not insult anyone or accuse them of lying. It was unnecessary to call me a ‘fool’ and to suggest that I ‘pollute the internet with ill-informed lies’ when I have simply expressed my opinion based on my own personal experience and the information I have used to form it. The petty, nasty, immature vitriol you display when talking to a stranger in a public forum suggests to me that you have issues. I also admire the way you ignored 95% of my post and focused on the one sentence to do with the economy. You seem to be one of those shouty, vengeful socialists who are likely part of the reason Tory voters do not often speak up about their beliefs, but when it comes to the ballot, they speak up for moderation to defend themselves against people like you. You do yourself and your political sympathisers no favours by attacking people personally for not voting for the party you would have them vote for.

      So let me be clear one more time: I voted Tory not because I like them, but because I fear Labour and their (in my view) potentially unpredictable behaviour with respect to all aspects of our society. I remember my own personal experience of the Labour days and I have no wish to return to them. We are all entitled to our vote. You assume that we are all sheep who blindly follow ‘the media’.

      (And by the way, a lie is a deliberate attempt to distort the truth. I have made no such attempt.)

      1. Ah yes the note. The same note left by Ken Clarke to his successor for Gordon Brown in 1997 and indeed by Denis Healey for Geoffrey Howe and I believe every political handover since the 1960s as a sort of civil service in joke that no-one ever made a fuss about before the Toey party started to get desperate in this particular campaign.

        And what did the ‘left biased’ BBC do with this particularly pathetic bit of chicanery from the Tory campaign ? They allowed a woman to be planted in the supposedly neutral Question Time audience to bring it up in front of the Labour leader to show him and his party as someone that makes jokes about the state of the country…….you may try to speak like you aren’t just another gullible fool with a litany of moral outrage about the tone of my posts, but a fool is still a fool……and I’ll take a million ‘vengeful socialists’ calling people like you out for what you are over one well spokjen, polite smiling assassin that happily justifies taking food out of the mouths of the poorest just as long as the books balance at the end.

    2. You also suggest that everyone who voted for the Tories are ‘frightened, weak-minded and frankly stupid’. Those are some serious assumptions and suggest that you need to get your logic gland checked out.

      You praise the letter because it echoes your own thoughts on the subject. Congratulations, you are entitled to your opinion. Where you seem to fall down is in understanding that not everyone agrees with you. Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them ‘stupid’.

      Your call to arms is equally pathetic: ‘Let’s abandon reason and tactics and fight with pure hatred fellow left-wingers!’ You are divisive and full of hate. The world is not going to end because of this election. We are still all British people. And they call the Tory party the ‘nasty party’…..

    3. Gee Martin. Why don’t you just look at it from one point of view.

      I am neither a quote “right winger(S) who really don’t believe in social justice at all but self, self, self” nor am I quote “frightened, the weak-minded and the frankly stupid who swallow the lies peddled by our Tory biased press”

      The trouble with the left is you all think you know everything about the world but you know nothing at the same time. Do you really think that the world is this simple and your view of middle class, sensible thinking voters is correct. I am guessing you do which is the most scary thing of all.

  35. What a hateful silly letter. I doubt very much all the people who voted Tory are patting themselves on the back or did so in the hope that people who genuinely need help would be worse off.
    Maybe a lot of people reluctantly voted Tory because they had no faith in the opposition and who can blame them. Maybe they believed they were voting to put Britain in what they believed to be the safest hands from the options available.
    Whatever reason they had we live in a democracy and Tory was the choice of the majority of people.
    Trying to stir up hate and wishing bad upon people because you didn’t get the result you wanted is pathetic.

    1. Correction Steven, the Tory party were chosen by a third of the electorate……not the majority. You may feel that is democracy at work, but a group imposing austerity on the entire nation based on a mandate from less than half of it and a sizeable proportion of that voting based on their beleif of the outright lies told to it by the Tory controlled press is more reminiscent of the early days of facism to me.

      1. Well we had our chance in 2011 to change the first past the post system but rejected it. We can’t have our cake and eat it. The current system aint great but it’s all we have. As for lies being told, I think this runs both ways..

      2. If it had been PR you’d now have 82 UKIP MP’s and they would be the tail wagging the dog as they would be the balance of power in a true majority with the Conservatives. Together they would be a bigger block than the “left”. I think you should take your chances with Cameron alone rather than with Farage (for he would have been elected on a party list system and PR) as Deputy PM.

  36. Being a hard-working voter is not easy. Sometimes choices are difficult. When you claim no benefits, you are working, you receive no tax credits, pay income tax, your grandchildren seem to be surviving at university better than you ever did, you have a little in the building society, and are fortunate to be in good health – it can be hard to remember that there is a class war going on out there.
    In the absence of an anti-austerity candidate in my constituency, my only choice was to vote Labour. I almost spoilt my ballot paper and wrote “none of the above”. But I remembered the work the local Labour councillors do and drifted in to the same action for the general election.
    Choices can be hard. Question: what happened on Friday? Answer: after the election result, one of my savings jumped 4.7%.
    So never blame working people who vote for the Conservatives. Never blame someone who votes against strike action. Never blame someone who votes to end a strike. Never blame someone who will not withhold their rent or council tax. Even Arthur Scargill, perhaps one of the most consistent class leaders, could not guarantee success and his supporters drifted away.
    Blame it on our Labour leaders.
    The private sector debt to the public sector (the public sector money that bailed out the private sector banks) is nearly as much as the public sector debt. If the banks repaid their debt, the public sector debt would be virtually eliminated. Did Labour explain this?
    The Conservatives have committed to public sector interventions in to the private sector house building industry to boost house building after closing down the previous Labour Government house building Pathfinder initiatives. Did Labour explain this?
    Working class people like you and me from around the world flood to the UK and Europe in the hope of finding working. Did Labour explain this?
    We need a new party of labour, not career politicians who just want a white collar job, can’t get one in a posh office, and so try and get elected.

  37. Are people really so “hard up”? I mean really?
    In perspective. My dad used to work 90 hours a week aged 50-60. Walk the 4 miles to work and back because he couldn’t afford a car. Live in a house not paid for by housing benefit. Grew veg in the back garden to feed us and didn’t expect to be handed food by a food bank.
    Still had life in him somehow to play with us as kids. All this without scrounging off the state (with the exception of child benefit) and claiming to be broke while sat on his backside all day every day watching his 50″ smart TV with his full sky subscription, drinking cans of lager and smoking 20 a day. Then hopping in his state paid for car to go down the off licence for more booze and fags, tripping over his £500 rock hard dog on the way.
    As for the zero hours contracts. New word for casual labour. Been around for ever. I worked for my first 7 years as casual labour with no problems.
    Oh and that was under a labour government.
    Seriously, grow up and stop expecting the world to be handed you on a plate.

    1. ‘Didnt expect food to be handed to him by a food bank’. My word I don’t even know where to start with such a callous and ignorant statement. I think you’ve just proved yourself to be one of that first set of Tory voters I talked about above who it really is appealing to any sense of conscience in like the original article intended.

      1. Your assumptions are hilarious Martin. And the irony of you calling someone callous…

        But then you think that we are headed towards fascism because we voted in a Conservative government instead of a confusing Labour one. You think that anyone who does not share your opinion is a ‘fool’ or a ‘well-spoken, smiling assassin’ who want hates poor/disabled/foreign etc etc people. Amazing display of logical acrobatics performed on huge steaming piles of assumptions. Honestly, I’m starting to wonder if you have a brain tumour because you sound deranged. Deep breaths mate, deep breaths.

  38. My Goodness. .. can’t comment on previous two posts.
    Going back to the original open letter.. ..Well said – it will be interesting to see what happens over the next 5 yrs.

  39. We on this country are so used to handouts that we think it’s wrong when handouts are being culled! I was brought up on benefits. Benefits kills this country and we need to encourage people to get back to work even if it is for minimum wage, have some pride! I have done it and will do it again if my life pans out that way, I’d rather work than ‘sign on’. Benefits should be there for the needy not the lazy. If you cannot afford something don’t buy it. If you’re in debt at home, then seek assistance and get yourself out of debt. That is what this country needs to do!! Tighten the strings and have the money in the future to build a BETTER future for tomorrow, this takes time!! I’m not rich, I work silly hours, i have hardly any social life but i have pride! I vote the blue way and I’ll stick by it.

  40. I was raised by a single parent in South Africa, who started her own company and worked 13/14 hour days in order to put my brother and I through school and uni (SA had no benefit system or free schooling).

    During uni I held 3 jobs and saved every cent to pay for a visa and flights to the UK.

    I have been here 10 years, starting off in part time temp jobs. I have paid a total of £20 000 towards visas to stay here and now have my citizenship, a career and my own house.

    I listen to stories from SA and I am terrified of what will happen to my family there. A corrupt government, corrupt police force, currency which is worth almost nothing, crime, etc.

    And then I watch and listen at how some people complain about losing their benefits to a government that has been voted in democratically (if you want to moan about rigged elections, please read up about elections in African countries) by the majority (yes, less than 50% but still the largest proportion).

    To the author, wishing poverty on those who voted Conservative, been there and done that (yes, beefstock soup for meals morning, noon and night). Why don’t you do some reading on the structures in other countries, you will find that this country and its people are quite privileged and even the worst of the Conservative plans will not change that in comparison!

  41. This week channel 4 will be showing 2 programs, one showing Brittan’s poorest people living on benefits and the second showing Britons supper rich,,, showing how one half of Brittan have to scrimp and scrape for the scraps in life, the other shows how the other half fritter away and squander what they have, just because they can… this situation is becoming more and more commonplace and this is thanks to the conservative government, this situation will not get better it will only get worse, David Cameron keeps using the saying, we are all in this together, but when was the last time David Cameron had to sign on? David Cameron has his Sunday lunch in a picturesque country pub or in some fancy hotel, when was the last time David Cameron or any his family had to queue up at a food bank, most families on benefits never ever get to take there children on holiday, but David Cameron and his family get to holiday every year without fail, most people on the poverty line face losing there council homes thanks to benefit cuts and bedroom taxes, while David Cameron gets to own two homes one in North Kensington and the other in Oxfordshire, David Cameron and his family live secure in the knowledge that they have a home for life, but it is David Cameron’s wish to put an end to lifetime council tenancies… if this alone does not make this man a monster then I don’t know what does, the people who voted for David Cameron have sold their souls devil, and they better hope , there actions don’t come back to bite THEM in them ass…

    1. P.S. Some people HAVE to depend on benefits , through disability or like me serious illness, the last thing they need is to have to worry about is paying the bills or losing there home..

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